Sunday, 29 July 2012

ALL GOOD THINGS.............

We had a huge week last week at the "Odd Vintage Wares" pop up market in Collingwood and also at the Vintage Shed.

It was lovely to meet some of our blog friends and catch up with some fellow stallholders. As you can see from the photos there was a lot of dedicated, talented stallholders there who spent a huge amount time making sure everything was fabulous- and it sure was. A huge thank- you to Kat for doing an amazing job at organising everything and supplying us all with endless amounts of Lollies!!

On a totally different note, we wanted to let our readers know that at this time we have decided to hang up our Vintage Girl hats.

We have had an amazing two years in partnership, chasing all over the countryside and the world even in pursuit of that perfect find. There has been lots of fun, laughter,wine, tears even....

My life is about to get a whole lot busier in a very different way as my family and I will soon welcome baby number 3,  and although our partnership is coming to an end we will both always be Vintage Girls at heart.

I plan to keep blogging over at VINTAGE.HOME.LIFE  about- well everything and anything really. Bec and I although not partners in business anymore will still share some space at the Vintage Shed and I will be still selling a small selection of vintage curio- when I can fit it  in the busy schedule I have coming up very soon!

So that's about all from me for now, I will leave it to Bec to fill you in on her plans for the future. I will look back on this little blog as a great collection of memories from a wonderful time and friendship which I am sure will continue for a lifetime,
Simone xxxx

Dear Vintage Girl blog friends,

A quick note to add to Simone's words above, which pretty much sum up how I also feel. It has been wonderful having a partner in crime the past two years and we have had some amazing adventures together and watched our little business blossom.  Unfortunately, things do change and with both my boys off at school now, I need to work full time hours and really try and make a decent go at this vintage caper.

Although I truly do love what I do, no doubt about that, money DOES make the world go around and whilst our partnership worked as a hobby while we both had little ones at home, I need to either take it to the next level or walk away and go back to 9-5 I am giving myself 6 months to see what I can achieve, and I am pulling out all stops to ensure it works! (I really don't want to go back to REAL work)

I am extremeley grateful that Simone and I will still share some space at the shed and most importantly can remain friends. I am not sure what I would do if I couldn't text her at least twice a day about something. We have formed a true friendship and I do believe it will continue on regardless of our business endevours.

At this time I have decided not to blog. I am a facebook addict and have set up a page there for my business which will be updated daily. I will also be focussing a little more on my ebay store and online selling, as well as the stall space at The Vintage Shed. My new business is "Little Flea".  Please click on the link to follow me on facebook.!/littlefleavintage 
and ebay store link is

Thank you once again for following us, and hope you will come across and follow our new adventures .

Bec and Simone xxx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Market eve......

All ready to go.

It looks amazing down at the masonic temple. Lots of Activity doen there today, unloading, setting up, prettying everything up.

Hope to see you all there...

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Odd Vintage Wares Market

Just a reminder to all our lovely blog followers that we will be in Collingwood this Friday and Saturday participating in a fabulous Vintage Market.

We truly hope this market is a success as it could be the first of many interesting new vintage markets.....
and couldn't we all use a bit more interest in our lives? somewhere funky to go on a saturday morning? Thats really what Melbourne is all about.... so come and support the market, find yourself a little treasure or just come and chat with the stall holders, do a little networking, find a new supplier, source that something missing for your next shoot, your window display, your living room.......

The very best of the best (if I do say so myself) will be there with their finest will be like doing a trip to The Vintage Shed, Waverly Bizarre and The Mill markets all in one go...

We do hope we will see you there....please note this is mostly a cash market so stop at the ATM on the way......although we may (no promises) have an eftpos for our Vintage Girl and at worst, are very happy to take payments thru paypal via the ipad :)

And just to twist your arm a little further...Vintage Girl will offer 5% discount to anyone who comes along and tells us they saw this ad on the blog.....

See you there!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Comma House, Daylesford

Happy Saturday night blog friends.

I thought I would do a personal blog tonight seeings it is not a work day and I am not supposed to be thinking about work (despite just texting Simone for updates on our stall today)...

As mentioned last week, my family took a few days break to stay at The Comma House in Daylesford. My mum organised this and treated us all to a couple of days of bliss. It was so much more than that for me though....

My mum and I catch up in rushed bursts these days. She has recently retired and at the same time I have seen my last child off to school and am throwing my every spare minute into work. We mostly chat on the phone or via email.

My brothers, despite one living in Melbourne and the other living in Bellingen, NSW all use the same method of catch up mostly.....calling each other whilst in transit. Generally if I am on my way home from Tyabb (The Vintage Shed) I will call one of my brothers for a catch up....and they tend to do the same thing.

My husband and I have both been so busy this year with our respective work and trips interstate and overseas, we have almost forgotten what the other looks like.

And then there are my sis in laws and neice  (I don't have any sisters (or daughters)  so they are special to me)....we rarely get to spend time together and so a couple of days together was lovely.

The Comma House was the perfect mix of modern, vintage, comfort and functionality. It seemed to be perfect for our family too. A childrens bedroom with 3 single beds, adorned with fluffy doonas, cross cushions, old wooden pond yachts and story books, just perfect for Will, Sam and Charlotte.

3 double bedrooms also upstairs, lovely old wrought iron beds and woolen blankets, the odd distressed chair, bird cage, writing desk.....

The barn had an upstairs retreat (perfect for my brother and sis in law that are younger) that included a 4 poster bed, freestanding bath and chaise.....aaahhhh lovely.

The open plan kitchen, dining was the hub of activity for the duration with my dream table (long and narrow) and lots of chairs - room for everyone to interact with eating, reading, chatting simultaneously.

The lounge was dark with charcoal walls, large snuggly sofas and chairs and very soothing with a open fire.

Bathrooms were lovely- an attempt at a relaxing bath was short liveed...and turned into Samuel and Charlotte standing by the bath discussing my breasts (but thats kids really isn't it)...I vacated and decided on a wine instead.

We visited the Mill Markets, walked the main street, walked around the Lake with a pitstop for coffee, pots of tea and hot chocs at the lakehouse cafe...

We went to Cliffys (providore to die for), took turns in cooking up a storm, discussed politics, laughed, sang, was the mid life version of bliss.

And here are some photos....

The 4 poster bed over the barn..

the freestanding bath in the barn..

the kids all chilling in the bay window day bed

Comma House version of a map of Daylesford.

All the boys busy in kitchen....

the hub....

front porch

the garden

the would be hub for summer...
a quiet corner...
the barn...

the entrance and my fave bit of vintage (no mum, not you...the display thing to the left) and my gorgeous mum to the right

us....all the ones i love....

Comma house was lovely. Just one complaint really-for people who like to cook up a storm..more than one fry pan is required please...

We believe the Comma House has just been sold but will be still rented out as yourself a favour and spend a few days down there....It was gorgeous.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I have not long left the Vintage Shed- my house is a mess, the washing is piling up, the kids have watched spongebob for longer than I care to admit.. however I couldn't wait any longer to share photos of our Vintage Shed stall- full to the brim of Brimfield treasures!!

Bec and I spent the day down there,pricing lovingly displaying- we had a fantastic helper in Bec's son Will, thanks Will we couldn't have done it without you!!

We will be down there in the morning, hopefully we may see some of you there! Simone xx

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Calling all inner city dwellers

Just a quick note tonight as we have a few big days ahead...

For those of you who cannot get down the The Vintage Shed, we are please to advise we will be exhibiting our wares for sale at a fabulous pop up vintage market in a couple of weeks based in Collingwood...Picture all your favourite stalls from all your favourite antique and vintage centres and then picture them all together in one place for 2 days only......

Hope to see you somewhere soon....
Bec x


I didn't get these two from America! I did manage to squeeze in a trip to the movies this afternoon -just what I needed a room full kids and popcorn, it was a nice break still..


Busy busy no time for words ! Just a few pictures........

Monday, 2 July 2012


Finally we have been put out of our misery! I stood in the pouring rain this morning at th Vintage Shed with a huge silly grin on my face as our very kind next door neighbours at Dandy concrecte ( big shout out to them!) helped us out with the use of a forklift..and I am so glad to say everything arrived in perfect order , the hours and hours of packing and wrapping paid off!
So I have no time to waste, I am re-discovering and falling in love all over again each time I unwrap something !  I will leave you with a few snaps, we hope to have a large amount out at the Vintage Shed this coming Thursday but will be sure to try our very best to post photos on here and facebook - so if there is anything you love and feel like you need to have please feel free to drop us an email and we can go from there..

Have a great week everyone

Simone x