Saturday, 29 October 2011

Rancho Friday my husband calls it..."Rancho Relaxo", and that is just what I did yesterday.

Don't you just love a day at home with nowhere to be and nothing to do? Of course, being the restless person I am, I set about reviewing the house. It has been 2 months now since we moved and pieces of furniture were still sitting where the removalists placed them, so I decided it was time to have "a play".

I moved this cupboard from the front door where it wasn't really serving any purpose, to the dining area where it has replaced the kitchen hutch to house my dishes.....

I stacked some old coloured beehive boxes to make shelves either side of the back door. They worked out really well and I soooo enjoyed doing little instillations within each box...

My two favourite "non vintage" things. My Katherine Hattam artwork and my David Bromley oxidised paint pot and brushes. Now sitting proudly side by side at the front entrance.

My newly arranged desk / work area. Despite the fact that we now have a larger house and a spare room, my desk is in the living room where everyone is and everyone gravitates towards. I don't like sitting in a room alone away from th action, plus I can keep an eye on the kids when they are on the computer.
Lastly, I just had to share my find of the week.....8 Indian clubs all exactly the same...
not something you see everyday? And photographed with the clock to show you how big they are.....aaaahhhhh will enjoy these sitting on my mantle for a few days before they head down to the Vintage Shed.

Enjoy the long weekend.....The Vintage Shed is open all day Monday and Tuesday this week, so get on down there and wallow in vintage treasures!!


Sunday, 23 October 2011


Hi everybody hope you are well and if you are in Melbourne like me enjoyed the beautiful sunshine- I enjoyed it from behind the counter at the Vintage shed !

I have been neglecting this little blog lately, there just always seems to be so many things to do and this always gets put on the back burner and before you know it the week has passed and what i was going to blog about is no longer relevant. So I am getting a head start this week and posting on Sunday night!

I thought I would show you snaps of a few little vintage girl projects...

First of all is a pic of a few little pieces that Bec and I have been putting together for a freelance sourcing job that we have happening at the moment-

My favourite piece is the wire egg basket- but I love them all really..
I am working on a few long overdue cross cushions

I picked up these chairs last week at an op shop- a little ugly at the moment but one day with new upholstery I think they be perfect for the my yet to be furnished 'good room' which is currently a 'junk room' !
So that's it for my head start to the week, last week was a busy one recovering from my 'thelma and louise' road trip with Bec. Speaking of which Becs little brush with the law- totally not her fault!! Seriously Sally if you are reading this it could have happened to anyone, those NSW road signs are so hard to read!

Have a great week everybody , Simone xx

Friday, 21 October 2011


It's nearly wine time so a quick hello to wish all followers a lovely weekend.
Some quick pics from Vintage Girls h.q showing some of our weekend finds.....

Simone and I took off on one of our Thelma and Louise weekends in seach of "vintage".
We took both cars this time which for me, wasn't as much fun as we couldn't gas bag, but it was more practical returning with 2 bootloads of goodies.

We headed to N.S.W and had some nice pitstops along the way. We caught up with some of our regular vintage friends, but also met a few new ones this time around and deinately some worth a return trip.

We had a small brush with the law regarding my inability to read speed signs (mum, don't ask)- I must learn to be more observant in future (naughty naughty), but all in all- had a very prosperous weekend.

my favourite find of the weekend- 48 drawer green metal file with bakelite handles. Just beautiful.
Also in this pic, large agee jars with red bakelite lids, and a cast iron egg basket.

2 rustic tin jugs that were one of Simones favourite finds......I could see the daydream bubble above her head, picturing these full of flowers sitting on a farmhouse table (or something like that)..
Also a fun red, yellow and white life bouy- perfect for the beach house deck, small rusty metal table and colourful cottees crate!

These chairs (there are 4 of them) are the funniest find of the weekend. They were the "token chair" sitting outside each room at the motel we stayed in. I spotted them immediately and within minutes, Simone was in the office asking if they would sell them to us. She may have suggested that if they didn't, they may well be gone along with us come morning (no, not really) but they agreed to part with them so we were happy. They have had them since the 1970's where they bought them from a closing down dance to know the story behind a piece. They are truly fabulous, folding flat and also the seat lifting up like a theatre chair.

Ok, just about time to crack that bottle....eagerly awaiting the arrival of my eldest brother, his wife and my beautiful niece who are coming to sit on our new deck and enjoy the views with us over a few wines.

Have a fab weekend

Monday, 10 October 2011


Monday morning.

Today, for me, it is a rest day. To catch up on housework, cooking and just mooching around the house.

What was supposed to be a quiet weekend turned into a hectic one. On the drive into town to do the food shopping I spotted a garage sale sign and slammed on the brakes to take a detour.

That's what youv'e gotta love about rural.....lots of hourders and this garage sale was actually a farm clearing sale of massive proportions. I was in heavan and the grocery shop was thrown out the window (at least until later in the day).

A casual glance through the local paper that night uncovered an interesting event in a nearby town. A "whole town garage sale and market". mmmmmm

Up and out the door at 7.30 am (eldest son in tow) and off we went for a fun morning of treasure hunting. Although Master W detests all things 2nd hand, he was quite happy taking charge of the town "garage sale map" and navigating us from sale to sale.

We left arund 1pm, mostly because we could not fit anymore in the car, went home, unloaded and then back to collect my hoard from the farm the day before.

I was exhausted last night, but today is another day and keen to get cracking and clean and sort my finds.

I wasn't going to blog any "words" today, I was just going to put up images, but it really is important to tell you how we came about them i guess. They don't just "appear", they are searched and sourced and scoured and hunted over many hours.

I will do my image blog as they day progresses and as I sort thru and photograph everything.
There are some really interesting pieces, some that I find beauty in, but that only another vintage lover would understand. The farmer thought I was a bit nutty I think when I started gushing over some old metal boxes, but to me, they were beautiful. Anyway, photos to come....stay tuned.

Wishing you all a very happy start to the week.

Vintage Girl

Friday, 7 October 2011


 Helloooooo! Hi everybody , long time no blog hey ? Well I haven't moved house like Bec but I feel like I might as well have ! There has been some room swapping going on at our house , my youngest son has made the big leap into a 'big boys bed' and now shares a room with his brother... So we basically had to move all the rooms around- the boys into what was the home office and the home office into Tadhgs room and Conor's room is a dumping ground at the moment. I am taking my time setting up our office slash sewing room in the hope that we will avoid the complete and utter chaos that was in the old room and instead get a well organised space for both my husband and I. Its not photo ready but when it is I will be sure to put some photos up.

Back to Vintatge Girl, Bec and I are as buys as ever and have a few things going on this month. And our little stall is going great.. So today I am going to leave you with a few photos of our stall and couple of other bits and pieces that caught my at the shed that I thought you might like...

cute little blackboard easel- looks like somebody is trying to copy Becs lovely writing dowm the bottom!

Our new old cupboard to display treasures in

spools galore

the cutest little shoe lasts I have ever seen from Tamarah at S.V.J


The cutest table for little people from Meg at D7

Vintage Wheelbarrow for the little helpers in the garden from Rach at squiggly rainbow

Virginie at E9 has already started on some beautiful handmade porcelain Xmas decorations!

Sebel chairs galore from Kathy ar C12

 That's about all for today, little people in the house are finally asleep, husband is watching the races and I am going back to work on my super organised home office...  Have a great weekend wherever you may be! xx Simone