Sunday, 23 October 2011


Hi everybody hope you are well and if you are in Melbourne like me enjoyed the beautiful sunshine- I enjoyed it from behind the counter at the Vintage shed !

I have been neglecting this little blog lately, there just always seems to be so many things to do and this always gets put on the back burner and before you know it the week has passed and what i was going to blog about is no longer relevant. So I am getting a head start this week and posting on Sunday night!

I thought I would show you snaps of a few little vintage girl projects...

First of all is a pic of a few little pieces that Bec and I have been putting together for a freelance sourcing job that we have happening at the moment-

My favourite piece is the wire egg basket- but I love them all really..
I am working on a few long overdue cross cushions

I picked up these chairs last week at an op shop- a little ugly at the moment but one day with new upholstery I think they be perfect for the my yet to be furnished 'good room' which is currently a 'junk room' !
So that's it for my head start to the week, last week was a busy one recovering from my 'thelma and louise' road trip with Bec. Speaking of which Becs little brush with the law- totally not her fault!! Seriously Sally if you are reading this it could have happened to anyone, those NSW road signs are so hard to read!

Have a great week everybody , Simone xx

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