Friday, 21 October 2011


It's nearly wine time so a quick hello to wish all followers a lovely weekend.
Some quick pics from Vintage Girls h.q showing some of our weekend finds.....

Simone and I took off on one of our Thelma and Louise weekends in seach of "vintage".
We took both cars this time which for me, wasn't as much fun as we couldn't gas bag, but it was more practical returning with 2 bootloads of goodies.

We headed to N.S.W and had some nice pitstops along the way. We caught up with some of our regular vintage friends, but also met a few new ones this time around and deinately some worth a return trip.

We had a small brush with the law regarding my inability to read speed signs (mum, don't ask)- I must learn to be more observant in future (naughty naughty), but all in all- had a very prosperous weekend.

my favourite find of the weekend- 48 drawer green metal file with bakelite handles. Just beautiful.
Also in this pic, large agee jars with red bakelite lids, and a cast iron egg basket.

2 rustic tin jugs that were one of Simones favourite finds......I could see the daydream bubble above her head, picturing these full of flowers sitting on a farmhouse table (or something like that)..
Also a fun red, yellow and white life bouy- perfect for the beach house deck, small rusty metal table and colourful cottees crate!

These chairs (there are 4 of them) are the funniest find of the weekend. They were the "token chair" sitting outside each room at the motel we stayed in. I spotted them immediately and within minutes, Simone was in the office asking if they would sell them to us. She may have suggested that if they didn't, they may well be gone along with us come morning (no, not really) but they agreed to part with them so we were happy. They have had them since the 1970's where they bought them from a closing down dance to know the story behind a piece. They are truly fabulous, folding flat and also the seat lifting up like a theatre chair.

Ok, just about time to crack that bottle....eagerly awaiting the arrival of my eldest brother, his wife and my beautiful niece who are coming to sit on our new deck and enjoy the views with us over a few wines.

Have a fab weekend


simmone said...

Love your finds esp. those green drawers.You'll have to call yourselves the "Aussie Pickers"!

Hello Vintage said...

You need to get a trailer so you can both go in the same car. Great finds!