Thursday, 30 June 2011


Well I had to dash off in a hurry last night to watch my favorite show ( Offspring in case you missed last nights post) and it was well worth it! So now I am going to try and upload the photos meant for yesterday, fingers crossed that Blogger is going to co operate tonight!

Our new little rustic table- I think this one is a keeper
The front view of the stall- jam packed with Vintage goodies

O.k so one at a time seems to work! I am at the Vintage shed tomorrow and we are welcoming a new stall holder, hopefully I can get a few shots and give you a preview in the next few days.. Simone xx

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wednesday Again

Well a week has passed and I am pleased to say that Bec and  i were once again working very hard at the office! Not a lot of painting today, just tidying, pricing and more tidying.

I think Bec and I are both feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment- our little business is growing each week- our stall is evolving all the time, stock is flying out the door and amongst this we both have boys ( big and little) and it really doesn't leave much time for anything else.I am looking forward to the school holidays, no mad dashes to get ready in the morning and be out the door for 8.30.

Anyway I am rattling on so I will leave you with a few pictures of the stall and the cutest little table I picked up recently..

Some of our hard work from last week displayed at the stall

another little corner of the stall.
Mmmm for some reason I cant upload anymore photos?? Blogger seems to give me two and that's it- the same thing happened last week, so I guess I will try again tomorrow. I have to run my favourite favourite show Offspring is on! Bye for now xx

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Back to work

After a very lazy day yesterday-( and yes I did get through that stack of magazines) today Bec and I did lots of work in  my garage our Vintage girl office. We have had lots of projects that have been mounting up for weeks and time was up- the sanders,paint and tools came out! We had a really productive day and every 5 minutes one of us would say 'this is fun, we are getting heaps done- we should do this every week' so next Wednesday Bec?

We also got some milk bottles that I am so excited about- they are huge and the graphics are amazing..I have never really seen anything like them before and I am pretty sure if Bec heard me say 'I love these, they are amazing' one more time today she was going to end our partnership!!

The bottles will be headed with to the stall tomorrow along with some of our handy work from today.

Lots of work going on today- very messy business!

the photos don't really do these the justice- did I mention how much I love them?
That's it for now- I will be back soon to show some changes at the stall xx Simone

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Hi everyone, hope your week has been good so far- those of you who are in Melbourne will identify with the title of this post- it is cold wet and rainy in Melbourne and after working all weekend at the Vintage Shed I am catching up on boring stuff like housework, playing cars ( the joys of being surrounded by boys!)and now that I have finally convinced my two year old that he really still needs a little nap to get him through the day, I am indulging in a little magazine therapy- although its bordering on obsession.My local newsagent knows me well as I start stalking them at the beginning of the month and its always a little bit like Christmas when I see a shiny new issue of one of my  favourite mags come out.

obsession? no

sleeping peacefully after much protesting

Speaking of magazines, I know that blogger has been having a few issues in the last week so I am hoping this is why we haven't managed to catch our competition winner? So Debbie Mcintyre if you are reading this could you send us a quick message at we can get your  magazine subscription organised and you wont have to stalk your newsagent like me!

Have a great week and stay warm xx

P.S I am so in love with the flags Bec posted about yesterday, thinking I might have to stash one for my future dream forever house..

Monday, 20 June 2011

Ahoy there.....

If you are as indulgent as I am, you will know the golden rule of Indulgence.....

"if something good comes your not stop at 1!"

So we didn't- we stopped at 15 (and only because our bank balance had the last word.)

Here are just some of the fabulous vintage nautical flags we purchased today. A gorgeous feature in a childs bedroom, industrial style lounge, just about anywhere really....

There are a couple listed in our Ebay store.
Any enquiries, shoot us an email at  they won't last long!!! eye eye to be sure...

vintage girl at the vintage shed....this week

Simone and I spent Thursday re-jigging the stall and getting some new larger pieces in...including an industrial bakers trolley which is just what we needed to stack all our trunks and boxes onto! It looks fabulous and already has a few admirers- but sorry guys- it's not for sale just yet-

and some random photos of stock this week.....

Going to have to be quicker with our posts in future as much of this stock sold over the weekend....
Next time we will post thursday- straight after new stock has gone in....

Back soon with some amazing new stock that just came to us today.....

Vintage Girl
Bec and Simone

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Septembre Vintage

Hi everybody, I wanted to let you know all about another stall holder at the Vintage Shed who makes her own jewellery and I think definitely wins the prize for the nicest/sweetest person at the shed ! Virginie is the owner of Septembre Vintage, she has a great eye for vintage pieces and as I said before she makes the cutest jewellery some of which is adorned with  ceramic butterfly's and hearts that she makes  and fires in her own kiln at home. Her stall is E9, so come check it out and you can also check out here at

A little preview of Virginie's beautiful handmade jewellery

That's it for now, I will be back later with a sneak peek of our new look stall ( Becs been down there today working her magic!) 

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


I do tend to get so carried away in work sometimes, and when i post it is to share some new finds, but thought it long overdue to introduce you all to my little family....

This is my big boy, a.k.a hubby - handsome fella isn't he?
He is holding Master M who is actually his grandson (yes he started young he he)

Below is Master M's mummy and my step daughter Miss C. I have been lucky enough to have been in Miss C's life since she was just 3, and it has been a priveledge to watch her grow and now have her own baby. Miss C is a gently soul and one of my very best friends.

And of course "the boys"...Master B on the left and Master S in the middle with their big sister and their nephew Master M.

Master B is a bright spark. Thoughtful and conservative, a little on the serious side and likes to know everything about everything....His favourite toy is GOOGLE and he thrives on statistics.

Master S is my baby and is happy go lucky, extremely affectionate and a bit of a clown. He has an amazing memory and  makes friends easily.

Combined, they make up My Family and I couldn't live without a single one of them....

I suppose I should really show you myself, but I don't take a good photo and feel kind of safe behind this screen...but to be fair and so you actually know who's who.....I will cringe and load a photo of myself.........mmmmmmmm

Ok...enough about that......chairs to paint, charts to update and ebay items to load!
Enjoy the rest of your week


Monday, 13 June 2011

Cushions and the long weekend

Hi everybody, hope you had a great long weekend.- mine was busy with work, family time and some cushion making.I worked behind the counter at the Vintage Shed , the sun was shining down our way and there were lots of customers out taking advantage of it.

On Sunday my family and I headed to the ashcombe maze, it was my first time there and we had great fun.. although at one point I started to feel a little bit panicky when we couldn't find our way out ( and I know that is the whole point!) When we passed by the point where we entered the maze I headed off for the cafe and left the boys too it.

Bec and I have been going ahead with our cushion designs and my friend Jacinta has done a great job sewing them up, luckily I got some photos as a couple were already snapped up during the weekend.

whoops, need to work on a steady hand!

The cushions all have feather inserts, invisible zips and are being made from recycled wool blankets and materials... They are still a work in progress, but we are really happy with them so far.

Bec and I have another busy week planned, we have managed to get our hands on a really big wire bakers rack that we plan to use for display in our stall, so there will be lots of juggling to squeeze into our little space. We need to give our head office a huge clean up and we have some lamp shades waiting for a makeover.

If all goes to plan later on this week we will have some photos of our neat and tidy workspace and some new projects to show you ! Have a great week.. Simonex 

Friday, 10 June 2011


Finally we have a winner ! First of all thanks so much to all our followers old and new , its really great know that other people share our passion for all things vintage..

So just to let you know that the draw was done under the strictest supervision of my family and a school class mascot named Bert ! Without further ado the winner is DEBBIE !! So Debbie I will be in touch so we can get your details and your magazine choice.

our all important adjudicators!

Today I was working behind the counter at the Vintage Shed and it was so cold, I really should have listened to my Mum and bought the thermals from Aldi when they were on special! After work I rushed to meet Bec and I am so excited to tell you we managed to find some amazing new pieces for our stall, a really rustic bench seat, some great old wooden boxes, chairs and Becs favourite a really old kodak guillotine..I wish I could share some photos with you, but they are in my husbands car and I am hoping if I wait long enough he will unload them for me!

So I am going to sign off for the weekend, I am working at the Vintage Shed again tomorrow so who knows I might see some of you down there ( if you do listen to your mum and wear your thermals!) xx

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Hi all,

Can't quite believe it is Wednesday already (soon to be Thursday as I am up late). The week has flown and I have barely touched on the "projects" I had lined up.

Having said that.....

I have modge podged one large masonite number, made 100 cards for my mum to sell this week, done kinder duty (and cooked pizzas with the kids), minded little maxwell, helped a friend with a craft project, updated our stock list, done a report on our May sales, balanced the books, listed things on ebay, packed and posted about 8 ebay parcels, designed and ordered business cards........phew.........

Yes, I would say another 10 hours per day would be it would for all of us I suspect.

I covered this number in vintage monoply money. Very kitsch.

And yet another project.......Simone has been busy recently making cushions which came about when my mum gave me an old army blanket that belonged to my grandfather. Wish I could show you a pic, but they literally walked out the door as soon as they hit the shed. Picture 100% grey wool with a fine stripe and feather insert. This has led us to design a small range of cushions and with the help of the lovely Jacinta (the local sewing wizz)  we will shortly be taking the cushions on the road with our cards and also selling them on Etsy and in the shed. Hopefully we will have some pictures for you soon.....

Above is a pic of my little work nook.....surprisingly quite tidy tonight!!!

Ok, tomorrow i am definately getting going on the chairs (among 100 other things) -promise.

Enjoy the rest of the week. Will check in Friday to draw our prize.

Vintage Girl
Bec and Simone

Saturday, 4 June 2011

One last blog before i start my weekend....

Just had to share with you some projects for the week....

Simone snagged some huge masonite numbers at a garage sale a couple of weekends ago and I have taken on the task of re-vamping them.

Here is one i covered in patterned tissue paper and good ol' modge podge sealed it nicely...

Now to get creative with the other 6.....thinking stripes might be nice, but not sure how difficult that will be....will keep you posted as this project progresses....

My other project this week is some chairs we bought today. We (or should I say Simone) has been working on a few pieces of furniture in our office (her garage) and painting them up in bright colours. The Moroccan theme is about to take off and we think bold solid colours are the way to go in the near also keep you updated with my revamp of these chairs....

Thats it- time to enjoy the weekend...have some family time and chill for a couple of days....

Vintage Girl

Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday finds...

As Simone said, we had a lovely morning at the shabby vintage junk extravagaza. A very nicely put together event by Tamara Charter. Having purchased early bird tickets, we gained access an hour before everyone else and were also treated to a sweet handmade tote (made from vintage striped calico) filled with little treats from the stall holders. Morris Brown soap, handmade bookmarks, discount vouchers and more.

Having lined up our lovely husbands to mind the kids for the day, we made the most of it and proceeded to go "hunting". We really must learn to take a packed lunch on these adventures- hot chips and diet coke are being consumed a little too often!!

And now for some of our fab friday finds.....

Clearly T.Evans had a good year in 1963 winning 3 trophys for "quick step" (dancing i guess).
Old trophy's are the "it" thing to adorn your mantle and to get full effect, must be grouped. I assume Tamara probably got these on her travels to Texas recently and I think I may have hip and shouldered a few people at the extravaganza to get to them first.

A sweet little couple of finds pictured here....a cane egg basket which grabbed my eye immediately. Just love the shape and the fact that it's cane and not wire for a change of pace.
Also pictured is a roll of nylon taffeta, which we got a few of. "cash's of coventry" made in england and very old. Finding vintage trims like this in good condition are priceless and may play a part in our cushion range.

Now you simply cannot go past a pair of twirling batons and in this case, we got 3! They are really beaten up and rustic. They are sitting in an old doctors tongue depressor jar.(you know the little icypole sticks the doctor always had on his desk?) Think the jar might be my favourite find today.

Look at the gorgeous pics surrounding this vintage Junior Scrabble game. I am a sucker for a good game board and this one was even better than i hoped! Love love love....

We can never go past a glass dome, even one as small as this.....

Have a fabulous weekend all. Don't forget to pay us a visit at The Vintage Shed.
93 Mornington-Tyabb , Tyabb- a great afternoon out on the Peninsula.

Love Vintage Girl
Bec and Simone


Its been a big week for me personally and for Bec and I -I am not really sure where to start.... Monday was a big week for my oldest son, when he was awarded student of the week in his prep class. We had been given the word on sly by his teacher so we all gathered at his school Monday afternoon and couldn't have been prouder when he was called up on stage at assembly! And  being the good mum that I am I took a very blurry photo for the album and we headed to a local cafe and there was milkshakes all round.

Then on Tuesday my husband had a mini milestone in his career...He has been working with racehorses for a long time- mainly as an assitant trainer, in February this year he made the decision to go out on his own and is now a fully licenced trainer. On Tuesday after many months of preparation he took his first horse to the Woodonga races and Quick Key ran a very respectable third. Bec and I are hoping he may name a horse ' Vintage Girl' in the future and we may become vintage merchants slash professional punters.

On Wednesday I had a birthday and was spoiled by my family with flowers and a course at Harvest textiles learning how to design and screen print my own fabric.And of course those who know me won't be surprised to hear that I also gifted myself with a little retail therapy.

Then today Bec and I headed to the Ashburton scout hall to the Shabby Vintage Junk fair, we picked up some great things for our little stall and lots of inspiration.Which led me this evening to a little bit of craftiness- at the moment we are working on a range of cushions made from Vintage blankets,and it took me ages I whipped the little cross cushion below. Its made from a recycled wool blanket and even a recyled feather cushion insert found on our travels today.

this little cushion is headed for the vintage shed tomorrow

Pretty birthday flowers.

My little student of the week- definite re shoot in order I think

O.K this has turned into a marathon post- I had better run, remember to tell all your friends about our competition and pray that the follow button doesn't go wandering again!

Vintage Girl Competition

Hi all,

Thanks to all the people who took the time to join our little blog this week.

Due to the fact that the "follow" button went missing in action for several days and that enquiries on how to join are still be received, we are extending the competition for another week.

The prize of Vintage Girl cards pack and 12 month magazine subscription will be announced next Friday 10th June at 6pm.

So let all your friends's not too late to join.

I will be back later tonight to tell you all about our day on the road and show you our fabulous finds.

Vintage Girl
Bec and Simone


Hi to all our followers old and new!! Bec and I are in the car headed to the shabby vintage junk fair and discussing how neither of us know how to post a reply in the comments section of our blog?? And just wanted to let all the lovely people who took the time to comment know how much we appreciate it and as soon as
we can figure out how to reply we will!! To answer Deb's question on how to enter our give away simply add yourself as a follower and keep your fingers crossed!