Friday, 29 July 2011


Hi all,

Flying out the door to watch my Master W  play footy under lights tonight, so wont go on. Just wanted to wish everyone a lovely weekend and post some photos of Vintage Girl at the Vintage Shed. We got some new storage pieces yesterday which was exciting and has made some great displays.

Catch you all next week.
Vintage Girl xx

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Hello night owls,

I am up late tonight making cards, but managed a few quick photos of some of the stock heading to the Vintage Shed tomorrow......
lots of stoneware...

lots of enamel....

lots of gorgeous old books....

And of course, much more. Looking forward to my Thursday at the shed tomorrow. Catch up with fellow vintage lovers and a peaceful day being creative and calm. The days seem so busy lately with cards, cushions, sourcing wares...but Thursdays are my slow down- stop and smell the roses day.

Hope you all get a chance tomorrow to stop and smell the roses.

Vintage Girl xx

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Cuddle up with a cushion

Hi all,

Quick blog tonight to show pics of our cushions as promised. I will let them speak for themselves as it is far too cold in my office to sit here for too long.

All of these cushions are made from 100% wool, recycled blankets. A really lovely way to re-use a beautiful vintage object and give it a new life.......

Styles shown are limited based on blankets we have sourced.
More styles are in work and will be availble in 2 weeks.

Back to the warmth of the lounge room- night night.

Vintage Girl xx

Monday, 25 July 2011


Hi everyone- what a week Bec and I have had! Our little business has had one of our busiest month ever and we couldn't be happier... This might turn into a little bit of a soppy post but we have had the support of some really amazing people whose kind words and encouragement mean a lot to us.

First of all a huge thanks to Tamarah at shabby vintage junk she featured us over on her hugely popular blog and we are lucky to have her as a fellow stallholder at the V.Shed .I know a lot of our recent followers have come via Tamarah and I have tried my best to pop over to all of your blogs and comment- if I haven't thanks so much for taking the time to comment at Vintage Girl! And those of you haven't checked out Tamarah should jump on over , we will share the love very soon and bring you some highlights of her amazing stall.

Second of all we have had some great encouragement and words of wisdom from Dallas at Indeed who I have posted about recently, the lovely Rachel- who makes us laugh and always greets us with a bear hug!Sue from Montruex is someone we really admire and always's happy to stop for a chat.Bec's mum Sally who hits the road with cards and cushion every chance she gets. The lovely ladies at Cumquat interiors , who Bec visited on the weekend and reported back to me that their shop is amazing.

Jodee & Tim at the Vintage Shed are so great to work for and run our business under their banner.  Fridays are always a highlight for me at the Shed where Jodee and I in between getting some work done manage to have a lot of laughs.. and also Sue who tag teams with Jodee on a Friday and is like the mother hen of the Vintage Shed!

Lastly I am lucky to have a business partner like Bec, who keeps me organised and basically the whole show on the road. We get on well, as do our boys and when we get together to plan our next strategy its never like work, much more like fun. One last shout out to Jacinta who sews our cushions and does a beautiful job normally after me knocking on her door with 5 cushions in my arms shouting can we have these by 12 tomorrow!

Phew, i feel like I have just made an acceptance speech! But seriously , we feel really lucky to be surrounded by lovely creative people who remind us why we love what we are doing.

Now on a different note, I headed off early Sunday morning determined to find some treasure- and I am sure somewhere there was some out there but all I got was soaking wet and a little grumpy from an early start. Last weekend I picked up this really cute metal and wood bench that was covered with some really ugly vinyl, which I stripped back and intend to stain or wax very soon. I couldn't blog without some pictures so I set it up in a couple of different places that I would use it in my own home.

I think it would make be a great spot for some of my ever-growing interior book collection

Inside the front door- somewhere to put down one of my prized Orla Kiely bags

We have another busy week planned and some more changes for our little stall, have a great week everybody I will be back on Thursday with some photos.. Simone x

Friday, 22 July 2011


T.G.I.F everyone!

It has been a very big week for us....we spent all day yesterday getting new stock into the Vintage Shed, and of course, part of the day involves catching up with fellow stall holders for a chat and review of their new "finds" which we  love to do!

Visits from a few Visual Merchandisers saw stock walking to the counter before it had even been unpacked, which i must say was fabulous. It's always a great feeling when you see your instinct on selection of certain purchases has paid off. It also made it easier to squeeze the rest of the stock in!

I would like to introduce you all to Sally (a.k.a Vintage Girl's mum).
Sal has taken on the task of selling our cards and cushions. She has fabulous taste and is very carefully selecting beautiful shops around Melbourne that will suit our wares.

The original range of cards I put together just over a year ago came from an idea Sal had. We sat over coffee one day, and brainstormed ideas for a new range, and she went away and came back with the book (pictured) which was my grandfathers "matchbook" collection. It is now over 90 years old and this is where our matchbook range came from.

It's funny how your mind works, but that was enough to get the creative juices flowing and more ideas followed on from that which has resulted in the numerous ranges we have now.

One range I did as a "one off" was the Tops and Tails range, which were made from an old childrens card game. They sold out in one week and so, I have been scouting the globe for more decks of these cards, which I am happy to say I have found several. Whilst seaching old card games I also stumbled across some others which will also make gorgeous cards. Some of these have gone out today and more will be following.....Arent they sweet?

I am going to attempt to upload a stockist's list for our cards and cushions over the next few days as there are too many to mention.....I will also do a blog over the weekend showcasing our lovely cushions for all to see. They are being received well in the marketplace and we are already working on a summer cushion range which we hope will be ready in October.

If you have any enquiries regarding cards or cushions, you can contact Sally on 0415160832 or email us at

Have a lovely weekend all.

Vintage Girl
Bec and Simone.

Monday, 18 July 2011


Hi all.

We are going to endevour going forward to put up all stock heading to the shed, on the blog a few days earlier, to give all our followers a chance to purchase early.

All enquiries can be sent to or you can call Bec on 0409530368.

Please note that we put all items into the shed on a Thursday at Shed prices. Early birds can save $$ by buying direct from us prior to Thursdays, so don't delay.

This week we will also be putting 3 of the Vintage School Maps on Ebay (the 3 that are not in the best shape) and will be starting them at 99 cents to give everyone a chance to own one of these fabulous pieces. Despite their wear and tear, they are still lovely. See our last post for pictures of the 6 maps that are in exellent condition and will be sold thru the shed or privately prior to Thursday.

some of the mint condition vintage books we found. the are divine.
and vintage "blokey" mags. fabulous illustrations.
you can never have too many crates.....
Antlers galore
every which way to get organised....
stove blacking pots..perfect for little mantels and ledges.
more of our ever popular mini soda bottles, just 15cm tall.
yummy tins- all shapes, sizes and designs.
gorgeous rustic potter's stool with wood top and cast iron base.
industrial spools.

old wooden fishing hand lines...

Everything you need to be a vintage masterchef....

lots of small pieces of furniture...all nice and rustic, wood and metal - our favourite materials.

Phew- it WAS a busy weekend!
See you all at the Shed.

Vintage Girl xx


Ahhhhh a new week begins and the children return to school. It has been a lovely 2 weeks with them, but they were glad to be going back this morning and I am glad to have my routine returned......

It is "Nothing Monday" today- the day I stay home a do very little and yet sooo much eg: the beds are not made, the bathroom is a pigsty, the dishes are soaking in cold water (it was hot this morning when i ran it), and I am onto my 4th coffee....but I have managed to sort thru all the lovelies I found over the weekend, photograph much of it, chat with a customer we are helping with her trade fair stand and read everyone's blogs.

I covered many  k's on the weekend in search of more goodies for the Shed and was pretty pleased with the places I went and the treasures I found. I think the find of the weekend was 9- yes 9 vintage canvas school maps. When I sent Simone a text to tell her of my discovery, I think she nearly keeled over.

So, I am posting pics of the best 6 maps here, more than anything, to give our everyone a chance to snap these up before they hit the Shed or Ebay. As always, first come, first served.
Contact Bec on 0409530368 or email if you have any interest in these. They won't last long.

Please note these photos were not taken in great light and actual maps are more vivid than shown.

aaahhhh lovely!
Have a great week all.
Vintage Girl

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Hi everybody, the title of this post is what my kids are singing everyday! Its been a long school holidays but Bec and I did manage a day minus kids last Wednesday for a bit of treasure hunting. I am sad to report that there weren't many treasures to be found, but all was not lost because we called into the cutest little shop on Malvern Rd, Glen Iris called 'INDEED'  owned by the lovely Dallas - who has lovingly filled her little shop with the most amazing vintage and new homewares. We could have stayed all day and chatted to Dallas and swooned over all the lovely things she has! I wish I had thought to get some photos to post. So if you are in Glen Iris be sure to go in and say hello to Dallas at 1416 Malvern rd.

Due to bad weather and school holiday chaos I haven't managed to get the camera out so instead  I have a snap of a beautiful Vintage Industrial shot that I came across on my travels around the web..

image from

Once last thing before I love you and leave you, we are very excited to have a new stallholder Tamarah  joining us at the Vintage Shed, Bec and I are already coveting a few of her pieces! Have a great week, Simone xx

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Its day 2 of the school holidays and very cold wet and windy in Melbourne, so today was a day for closing the curtains and getting cozy! And halfway through cabin fever had set in, so I decided to add a few vintage girl touches around the house and take some photos.

This is my eldest sons room, I added the vintage arithmetic chart - this is destined to be sold but I am going to enjoy it for a while!

Again my oldest sons room, with a little retro chair that I sanded back and recovered a while ago. On it a Vintage girl cushion hot off the press, made from a recycled army blanket

Another vintage girl cushion in my youngest son's room, I love the grey and red against all the blues

And lastly I had to share this little vintage duffel coat that I picked up from Vivienne at the Vintage Shed recently- my youngest son is spoilt for choice when it comes to clothes as I may have gone a little crazy with the shopping when Conor was young (who am I kidding I still do) but i just couldn't resist this little coat-it was too cute to leave behind don't you think?

I am loving the make over Bec did on this little blog and tomorrow we are off for a day of treasure hunting, so fingers crossed we will have some new things to share later on this week.

Have a great week xx Simone


Monday, 4 July 2011

A Vintage Weekend...

What a lovely morning it is (and being school holidays has nothing to do with it  whatsoever- he he).
I think all mums out there would agree how gorgeous it was this morning to have a lie in. And to have the time to make myself a mushroom omelette, a hot cup of coffee (and drink it hot) has been pure bliss today and it's only 9.30. So i am feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to get stuck into some work whilst the boys kick the footy around in the yard.

I left Simone to hold down the fort this past weekend and headed off with some girlfriends for a lovely weekend in Maldon. I have, in the past been to Daylesford and Kyneton, but Maldon was not ever on my radar, and boy was i thrilled when we arrived there Friday night to find this beautiful little town, with VINTAGE as far as the eye could see.

I took lots of photos to show you and will do my best to upload as many as blogger will allow......

we stayed here above the bushells shop in a loft.....just gorgeous

the loft window overlooking the street.

Highly recommended for a weekend away or even just a day trip.
And was pretty chuffed with my vintage finds up there also...

We think these are old lawn bowls scoreboard numbers as they are only little but very heavy, solid metal and nice and rustic. Had to buy the lot!

And was so thrilled to find wooden spools and even better, according to the man who sold them to me, came out of the old Kyneton sock factory- we do love a local treasure!

One more treasure to show you which was not from my weekend away, but worthy of a photo.....

These are old cardboard price tickets from the Unley Busy store in South Australia. Aren't they divine? All of these treasures will be heading to the Vintage Shed on Thursday and some will be listed in our Etsy store today.

Have a fabulous week everyone and hope to see you down at the shed soon..

Vintage Girl