Friday, 29 July 2011


Hi all,

Flying out the door to watch my Master W  play footy under lights tonight, so wont go on. Just wanted to wish everyone a lovely weekend and post some photos of Vintage Girl at the Vintage Shed. We got some new storage pieces yesterday which was exciting and has made some great displays.

Catch you all next week.
Vintage Girl xx


claire said...

wow this looks great! Love your follower! x

Lyndel said...

looks lovely, found you via SVJ, and I love The Vintage Shed, will be down again in a few weeks time♥

Bec & Simone said...

Hi Claire! Thanks for joining us and taking the time to comment ...Bec&Simone xx

Bec & Simone said...

HI Lyndel, might see you at the Vintage Shed soon ! Simone