Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Hi everybody, I have been a little quiet on the blogging front lately.. the same old excuses really, busy with work, family & life. I have had the best of intentions of photographing new stock and posting , but our vintage wares have been flying out the door at the Vintage Shed before I even get the chance to blog about them..

So I thought I would follow on from Bec and show you a look at a few things in my home..

I think I have posted previously about my family and I re-locating back to Australia from Ireland three years ago, and when we did we shipped a very small amount of personal things- any furniture or large pieces were left behind. After staying with my family for about 9 months we finally found a brand new house that was I guess what you would call a 'turn-key' No work for us to do except move in and fill the cupboards. So with a sigh of relief I think my Parents sent us on our way.

Our home is reasonably large with two reception rooms and a play room,so we bought the basics and beg, stole and borrowed the rest. Now after being here for 3 years, there is finally a fully furnished room that I really love every single thing I have put in it.. So at the end of this really long winded story I wanted to show you some photos of things I have collected over the last three years..

 This chest of drawers I picked up at the Vintage Shed about a year and half ago- funnily I purchased it and then it took me about 6 months to get it home, not sure why .. But when I finally did I really fell in love with it. Initially I had plans to change the handles on the drawers they were a bit retro and chunky for my liking , but it wasn't meant to be as the previous owner in their wisdom had decided to glue the handles on! They have grown on me and I love piling it up with gorgeous things.
 This chair fills a corner nicely, originally I hauled it out of a skip near my Parents house in pretty shabby condition with a broken leg.. It sat in my garage for a very long time and did think about sending it back where it came from, luckily I changed my mind because I love it now and I am sure it will go with us wherever we may go. I should say that I had a very talented co stall holder at the Vintage Shed re-upholster it for me in cheap $10 a metre spotlight fabric , he even fixed the poor broken leg for me! The little table next to it is also from the Vintage Shed- its the perfect size to hold a lamp and some flowers and may be destined meet a spray can of paint someday soon..
Our bed was custom made with a linen upholstered bedhead that I designed had made by a fantastic local furniture maker who had previously made beds for both our boys. The biggest difficulty I had was finding bedside tables I searched high and low- Vintage and new and just never found anything that was big enough ( the room is large and anything small would be lost) or the right style. I am not sure I love love the ones that I have but they were the nearest I could find to what I wanted and I got so sick of putting thing on the floor beside my bed! My lamps were an op- shop find and I got new white shades from Target- didn't love the colour so I gave them a quick spray with yellow and I am really happy with them.. Lastly got to mention my Orla Kiely pillowcases, I love them and always will !

So that is my finished room, there is always more that I want/need but for the time being I am happy to have it filled with things I love..

I was recently reading one of my favourite blogs design sponge they always have the best home tours and ask each homeowner to write a little quote about their home , I loved this one below as it sums up our house - we love it and are very lucky to have it .. but its not our final destination..

A great quote from a house tour over at design sponge

That's it for now, lots happening in our Vintage Girl world, we may very well headed off on a very big adventure soon - are you intrigued??

Have a great week everybody xx Simone

Monday, 26 March 2012

A few of my favorite things #2

It's a lovely quiet Monday I am enjoying today after a very hectic weekend.

But typically, I don't relax for very long before I look for something to busy myself with, and as I did not go stock hunting this weekend, I thought I would show you some of my favourite belongings.

Back when we first started the blog Simone and I did this, but there are so many things I treasure, I couldn't show them all in one go, plus, being in the business of buying and selling, things come and go and there are constantly "new" things to adore.

-We have dealt in gas station numbers for a couple of years now, and I do have a little personal collection which I still love. The large red and cream 1 and 5/10th is from a new batch which are being listed on eBay this week.

My little "grey girl" has been with me for some time now and is just lovely....and doesn't she sit nicely with my David Bromley jug?

I had a milestone birthday recently and this jug was a very generous gift from my brother Matt and his partner Nadja (little plug for them....if you are looking for an investment or just a lovely artwork ready to hang and enjoy, take a browse through their website.... " "

I am really in love with all my cushions at the moment. They don't all generally sit on the one couch, they are spread over 2 but I just love the eclectic mix of colors, styles and textures here.

I have always used a lot of red and green in my house. This is what sits on the mantle over our fireplace. A lovely green oil jug and the base off an old thermos which I use as a vase from time to time, plus a string of lights from Typo which I put on every night and they just add a nice warm glow to the room.

This is a funny thing to love but it is an old folding ruler. I saw one like this ages ago on Etsy and fell in love, but it was quite expensive. So I was thrilled when I came across this recently in a market for a fraction of the price.

I love Sibella Court and her style, and pour over her book "etcetera" constantly, so I was very lucky to have this given to me recently as a gift (thanks mum) and daydream my way thru the beautiful images and count the days until I might be standing in one of these divine stores in New York.

This was also a recent birthday gift from my husband (with help from my mum). I have wanted an old watch for a long time, more as a piece of JEWELLERY than anything else as I am not a watch wearer.

My mum had come across the remains of a watch that belonged to my grandfather, but it was all in pieces, so they worked together to take it to a JEWELLERY and have it put back together. It is so special to me. It has my pop's initials engraved on the back "W F" and 3-3-33, the date of his 21st birthday when the watch was given to him. It's so nice to have something that was once treasured by someone you loved dearly, and also something that can be passed on thru the years.

Last but not least, I love this Leunig cartoon which is pinned to the notice board and is there to remind me not to spend all day on the computer, iPhone, iPad etc etc etc.....

On that note, I will sign off here and go outside and enjoy a cup of tea in the garden.

Have a great week one and all...

Vintage girl -Bec xx

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Vintage Shed explained.

Hi all,

Apologies for lack of blogging. I have been far too busy enjoying all my new found freedom between the hours of 9am-3.30pm.

Plus, I wanted to do a blog on the Vintage Shed but didn't take all the photos I needed last visit, so held off until now.

Some of you know The Vintage Shed well but recently, a few of our blog followers have asked us to elaborate on The Shed and what it is all about, so here are some snaps I took and a bit of an explanation as to how the Shed evolved......

The Vintage Shed was created by Tim and Jodee Goddard a little over 2 years ago. It is basically a very large warehouse, and within this space, there are lots of little spaces which are all rented by stall holders, such as us.
We rent a 5 metres x 3 metres space in there, but there are larger stalls and also smaller ones.

It started as one warehouse with about 25 stalls and we were one of the first, but it became so popular that Jodee and Tim expanded thru to 2 more sheds and now it houses 65 stall holders.

The thing I love about the shed is that it has a young, vibrant feel. It is not full of stuffy old antiques and china, but jammed with shabby chic, industrial, retro and farmhouse treasures, sourced mostly by people who are in tune with what's hot in the marketplace at the moment.

There are also many creative types at The Shed, so it is not unusual to find a vintage handmade cushion, or a stencilled cupboard, or just a really well merchandised stall that is amazing to view.

This is the shed...

Let's take a peek inside......

Here is the lovely Francis behind the counter. The pigeon holes behind house everybody's sales tickets, and newsletters etc....

Some pics of Vintage Girl (us)


Below is the front entrance. This stock is generally repro and belongs to Jodee and Francis......

Gorgeous terrariums handmade by the very clever Squiggly Rainbow who is stall C5

There are numerous cabinets for rent at the front and they house specialty items....below are swap cards galore.

And here is a cabinet of vintage hats....

This is our next door neighbors Karen and Jack (E12) who have been in the business for years. I always stop to look in their stall and usually find something great.

This is our other next door neighbour Maree, (A6) who is also a veteran. Maree specializes in vintage blankets, sheets, teatowels and cushions.

This is Barry (A7) who is the king of trunks and blokes items. Another stall now to be missed....

The lovely Viv, who is E3 and has 2 stalls which are as fabulous as each other. Simone and I would like to stalked Viv one day to see where she gets her stock because she is always loaded up with amazing finds and has a talent for display.

The very clever Tamarah from Shabby Vintage Junk (A12). Her stall is pure eye candy. She calls it an "instillation" and it is aptly named as it is a work of art in itself...

Moving on, this is David (B9) who refurbishes furniture. If you're after a retro table and chairs, look no further than Dave.

Next is Meg (D7) who is also always arriving with gorgeous finds and is one stall I never fail to view when I am down at the shed, in fact there is many a trinket in my house that came from Meg.

In the middle section now and across the aisle from Meg is Lyn from French, Vintage and Chic. Lyn and her partner Michael have been in the business for a long time and Lyn is very creative. To give you an idea of what you might find in Lyn's stall, here are two things I have bought from Lyn in the past and are 2 of my all time favourite things......

My ruler cupboard....and

My Palace of Westminster cushion.
Lyn's stall below.....

Next to Lyn is Kathy (c12). If you are after pure industrial and farmhouse, this is the stall. You will find everything from fishing nets and floats, to farm branding stencils here..

Across the back of the 2nd section we come to Sam. He has the most stalls at The Shed but he really needs them as he deals mostly in retro and Danish style furniture.

Heading down the back now, past some fabulous stalls, but I cannot list them all, we come to Septembre Vintage which has a French Industrial feel, and so it should! It's owner, Virginie is French after all.She is stall E9

That's about it for this time. This is just a snippet of what there is to see at the Vintage Shed, so if you have not been- come on down and make a day of it.

The Vintage Shed
93 Mornington-Tyabb Road,

Hope to see you there one day!

Vintage Girl - Bec xx