Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Hi everybody, I have been a little quiet on the blogging front lately.. the same old excuses really, busy with work, family & life. I have had the best of intentions of photographing new stock and posting , but our vintage wares have been flying out the door at the Vintage Shed before I even get the chance to blog about them..

So I thought I would follow on from Bec and show you a look at a few things in my home..

I think I have posted previously about my family and I re-locating back to Australia from Ireland three years ago, and when we did we shipped a very small amount of personal things- any furniture or large pieces were left behind. After staying with my family for about 9 months we finally found a brand new house that was I guess what you would call a 'turn-key' No work for us to do except move in and fill the cupboards. So with a sigh of relief I think my Parents sent us on our way.

Our home is reasonably large with two reception rooms and a play room,so we bought the basics and beg, stole and borrowed the rest. Now after being here for 3 years, there is finally a fully furnished room that I really love every single thing I have put in it.. So at the end of this really long winded story I wanted to show you some photos of things I have collected over the last three years..

 This chest of drawers I picked up at the Vintage Shed about a year and half ago- funnily I purchased it and then it took me about 6 months to get it home, not sure why .. But when I finally did I really fell in love with it. Initially I had plans to change the handles on the drawers they were a bit retro and chunky for my liking , but it wasn't meant to be as the previous owner in their wisdom had decided to glue the handles on! They have grown on me and I love piling it up with gorgeous things.
 This chair fills a corner nicely, originally I hauled it out of a skip near my Parents house in pretty shabby condition with a broken leg.. It sat in my garage for a very long time and did think about sending it back where it came from, luckily I changed my mind because I love it now and I am sure it will go with us wherever we may go. I should say that I had a very talented co stall holder at the Vintage Shed re-upholster it for me in cheap $10 a metre spotlight fabric , he even fixed the poor broken leg for me! The little table next to it is also from the Vintage Shed- its the perfect size to hold a lamp and some flowers and may be destined meet a spray can of paint someday soon..
Our bed was custom made with a linen upholstered bedhead that I designed had made by a fantastic local furniture maker who had previously made beds for both our boys. The biggest difficulty I had was finding bedside tables I searched high and low- Vintage and new and just never found anything that was big enough ( the room is large and anything small would be lost) or the right style. I am not sure I love love the ones that I have but they were the nearest I could find to what I wanted and I got so sick of putting thing on the floor beside my bed! My lamps were an op- shop find and I got new white shades from Target- didn't love the colour so I gave them a quick spray with yellow and I am really happy with them.. Lastly got to mention my Orla Kiely pillowcases, I love them and always will !

So that is my finished room, there is always more that I want/need but for the time being I am happy to have it filled with things I love..

I was recently reading one of my favourite blogs design sponge they always have the best home tours and ask each homeowner to write a little quote about their home , I loved this one below as it sums up our house - we love it and are very lucky to have it .. but its not our final destination..

A great quote from a house tour over at design sponge

That's it for now, lots happening in our Vintage Girl world, we may very well headed off on a very big adventure soon - are you intrigued??

Have a great week everybody xx Simone


Alex said...

Those pillow cases are amazing! Thanks for introducing me to the designer.

vintageandart said...

Hi Simone and clever to paint your lampshades they look great. l also love the handles on your chest of drawers...YES would love to know where your big adventure is gonna be.


Hi Ladies thanks for your lovely comments as always! All will be revealed soon!
Simone xx