Friday, 6 April 2012

Weekend Haul

Hello lovely readers! Hope you are enjoying good Friday wherever you might be, here in Melbourne we had a beautiful sunny day - perfect for hanging around the house and spending time with Family as I did..

Now yesterday was a different story, Bec and I spent pretty much all day at the Vintage Shed re arranging our stall and filling it up with our last weekends haul, when both managed to leave the kids at home and had some serious treasure hunting, one of our best ever expeditions I think - I could happily take home nearly everything we bought and keep forever.

My favourite ? It has to be the little pond yacht- its just so sweet I could see it sitting in a little boys room..

Bec and I will very soon be heading across the sea ( not by boat though!) We will soon be packing our bags and heading of on our biggest adventure yet .......

Happy Easter everyone!! Simone xx


Squiggly Rainbow said...

do tell.... you're not going to star in American Pickers are you? hehe xx


oooohhhh where are we going Simone??? so exciting!


my favourite was the wooden boot lasts....beautiful. Bec x