Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Hello !! Hope everybody is well , its been a little while since I /we have posted- no excuses sometimes at the end of a busy day you just need to sit down, relax and watch some really crappy T.V and I can assure that is what I have been doing ! anybody out there familiar with  ' the real housewives of ' series ? The Beverly hills version is so bad that it is good !

Anyway back to Vintage... There hasn't been much time to scour the country for Vintage finds lately- Bec is moving and I - well I am watching crappy t.v ! But one thing I have noticed that we have been getting a great collection of lately is Kitchen utensils , chopping boards , bone handled knives , beautiful old silver... although we don't sell a huge amount it's hard to walk past them...

We have also been collecting old butterfly books and are in the process taking apart the colour plates that are just so beautiful and would look amazing in frames..

Lastly I have been doing a little etsy shopping and got a knock at the door this morning with a parcel which is always like Christmas.. I am slightly obsessed with chevron,and Ikat fabric that seems to be huge in the states and I think compliment Vintage treasures beautifully- so I am not sure what this fabric will become, cushions , lampshade covers ? I will keep you posted.

That's about all for now, the garage and sander are calling me - so many unfinished products and so little time.. Have a great week everybody xx

Thursday, 18 August 2011


Hi everybody, hope your week has been good so far... Ours has been busy as usual, Bec is getting ready for a big move to the country , we have been madly pricing stock for the stall and at my house we have had a birthday- OK he is not Vintage just yet but my littlest boy celebrated his 3rd birthday so yesterday I cooked up a storm and today we had a little party with some friends including Meg another Vintage Shedder and her gorgeous little boy.

I will leave you with a couple more photos of our weekend haul that somehow went missing in cyberspace when I posted on Monday..

Gotta love a road sign- they look a bit new in these photos in real life they are nice and old looking

Wire crate and soda bottles- they look great together

love this little abacus and it looks like its been around for a long time

Summer is coming- air conditioning Vintage Style

Vintage Boy celebrating with one of many cupcakes

Vintage boy plus Vintage Brother getting their groove on in the playroom ( i know its a little dangerous, and as soon as I got this photo I told them off and to get down immediately! )
I am back at the Vintage Shed tomorrow and Bec is there working on a new display for the entrance of the shed, I will report back with photos soon. Have a great weekend everybody xx Simone

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ebay- going going gawnnnnn..

Our ebay store is brimming this week with everything from gas station numbers to David Bromley sculptures. click on the link and take a look...who knows what might be found?

Monday, 15 August 2011


Hi everybody, hope you had a great weekend! Bec and I certainly did- a road trip, dinner, wine and best of all we came home with a boot full of treasures...  We are both pretty exhausted, so I will let the photos speak for themselves.....

crates, demijohns, wooden fishing reels, gorgeous stool

Becs find of the weekend- Vintage Billiard scoreboard

gorgeous old typewriter, metal box, industrial light.

And this is just a small selection- more still to come! If any of you feel like you can't live without any or all of these pieces,send us an email at vintagegirl@hotmail.com.au or you can see them all at the Vintage Shed this Thursday.

Have a great week, Simone xx

Monday, 8 August 2011

Quiet observation #1

I just noticed my stack of rustic tins match the colours in my map. quite accidentally too...doesn't it look great though?

The end.
Vintage Girl

Friday, 5 August 2011


Hi everybody! It's been another busy week for us, I just wanted to pop in quickly and show you the lockers that Bec and I picked up during the week. We love, love, love them! I took a couple of quick snaps as I was escaping out the door tonight from the Vintage Shed.

Hope everybody has a great weekend- mine will be filled with work at the Vintage Shed and kid wrangling at home! See you next week xx

Monday, 1 August 2011


Hi everybody- hope you  had a great weekend, mine was similar to the title of this post! On Saturday my husband was gone long before the kids and I were up and back very late- which left me with a rainy day two little boys cooped up in the house, and frazzled nerves! On Sunday I worked behind the counter at the Vintage shed so not much time to hunt out Vintage treasure.

We have another busy week this week, tomorrow we are getting a brilliant set of lockers to use as a display piece in the stall, Bec is heading off on Wednesday to deliver some goods to a trade fair for display and somewhere amongst that hopefully time to find some new stock for our stall..

Last Thursday when we rearranged out stall we couldn't find a spot for a beautiful old wool basket and I have taken temporary custody until it we find space for it.Last year I sold some bedside tables and still haven't managed to replace them so I thought this would fit the bill..

The best part of co- owning a business vintage business is getting to play dress- ups with some of our stock! I will be sad to see this one go... It is currently listed on ebay so if you love it as much as I do it could be yours!  

Hope everybody has a great week , I will be back with some photos of our new lockers in the next few days. Simone x