Thursday, 18 August 2011


Hi everybody, hope your week has been good so far... Ours has been busy as usual, Bec is getting ready for a big move to the country , we have been madly pricing stock for the stall and at my house we have had a birthday- OK he is not Vintage just yet but my littlest boy celebrated his 3rd birthday so yesterday I cooked up a storm and today we had a little party with some friends including Meg another Vintage Shedder and her gorgeous little boy.

I will leave you with a couple more photos of our weekend haul that somehow went missing in cyberspace when I posted on Monday..

Gotta love a road sign- they look a bit new in these photos in real life they are nice and old looking

Wire crate and soda bottles- they look great together

love this little abacus and it looks like its been around for a long time

Summer is coming- air conditioning Vintage Style

Vintage Boy celebrating with one of many cupcakes

Vintage boy plus Vintage Brother getting their groove on in the playroom ( i know its a little dangerous, and as soon as I got this photo I told them off and to get down immediately! )
I am back at the Vintage Shed tomorrow and Bec is there working on a new display for the entrance of the shed, I will report back with photos soon. Have a great weekend everybody xx Simone

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Anonymous said...

Too funny that last photo, I remember my kids doing the exact same thing ha!! well done with the disclaimer ;) Love your finds, must get back down to the Vintage shed real soon!!