Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Hello !! Hope everybody is well , its been a little while since I /we have posted- no excuses sometimes at the end of a busy day you just need to sit down, relax and watch some really crappy T.V and I can assure that is what I have been doing ! anybody out there familiar with  ' the real housewives of ' series ? The Beverly hills version is so bad that it is good !

Anyway back to Vintage... There hasn't been much time to scour the country for Vintage finds lately- Bec is moving and I - well I am watching crappy t.v ! But one thing I have noticed that we have been getting a great collection of lately is Kitchen utensils , chopping boards , bone handled knives , beautiful old silver... although we don't sell a huge amount it's hard to walk past them...

We have also been collecting old butterfly books and are in the process taking apart the colour plates that are just so beautiful and would look amazing in frames..

Lastly I have been doing a little etsy shopping and got a knock at the door this morning with a parcel which is always like Christmas.. I am slightly obsessed with chevron,and Ikat fabric that seems to be huge in the states and I think compliment Vintage treasures beautifully- so I am not sure what this fabric will become, cushions , lampshade covers ? I will keep you posted.

That's about all for now, the garage and sander are calling me - so many unfinished products and so little time.. Have a great week everybody xx


Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

The fabric is definitely awesome Simone! Enjoy the crappy shows hehe.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

I ENVY you your CRAPPY TV viewing Simone....I've been falling asleep as soon as I sit down in the evening & don't see anything after ACA....hahahahaha....!!

Hope Bec's move is progressing smoothly....!

See you soon,
Tamarah :o)