Monday, 5 September 2011


Hello! Hope you are well and if like me you are in Melbourne you are enjoying the beautiful sunshine, I think it really just makes everybody that little bit happier even more so as we are at the end of a cold winter( by aussie standards anyway!)

I called into the Vintage Shed today and  grabbed a couple of snaps from our little space there. My favourite is the desk which we were lucky enough to come across last week, its old and solid and the handles are a style I love.. no matter how hard you try its impossible to recreate the years that this desk has seen.

I just wanted to say quickly thanks for all the lovely comments that our readers leave , it is really nice to know people are out there and they share the same passion for all things old like we do. And lastly a little grovelling apology to those who leave those comments that we don't always reply back very swiftly, I am going to add it to my must try harder list and yes its a big long list!

Have a great week , wherever you might be xx


Lyndel said...

cute desk! I'm hoping to get down to Tyabb again soon, school hols may be the time to take the gr'daughter for a nice drive!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

GORGEOUS desk....I'm a BIG FAN of those cup handles too & NO....You won't find QUALITY pieces like this beauty coming out of China....NO SIREE....!!

GO VINTAGE....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

PS:....hahahahaha....The verification word for this post is 'cardi' which I think we're all in need of today with the chilly turn to the weather....So much for the sunshine....!!

Bec & Simone said...

Hi Lyndel, forward to seeing you soon at the Vintage Shed!

Tamarah you are so right about the cardi-I met Bec today down the country and it was freeeeezing!!! See you at the shed Thursday!

claire said...

ooooo to own a little desk like that........:)