Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Hi all,

Finally, after a couple of hectic weeks moving house (suburbs to rural) I am back on board and gee I missed work! Still trying to get the house sorted so might leave photos to share with you a little longer (at least until my new sofa arrives and fireplace is put in) the meantime, I have been pricing a large lot of cotton spools which are heading to the Vintage Shed tomorrow and wanted to give you all a chance to get in first if they appeal to is limited and as always, 1st in, 1st served.

9" fibre spools will be retailing for $35.
Large metal strapped industrial spools retailing for $45
Sweet little 4.5" fibre spools retailing for $14 ea

All the above spools can be purchased prior at discounted prices. just drop us an email for a price list, but don't delay-they won't last long.

Vintage Girl


Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Love those little suckers! Just came across your blog! LOVE your junk! Janna

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hey Simone & Bec....!

These spools were AWESOME....I so could have gone to town on these....!

Sorry I didn't get to have much of a chat on Thursday....I was on a MISSION....!

Have a GREAT weekend & I'll see you soon....!!

Tamarah :o)