Friday, 30 September 2011


T.G.I.F everyone.

Sorry I have been absent lately. We moved house one month ago now so I thought it was high time I showed you some pics.

For those of you who don't know, we did the "tree change" from the suburbs to the countryside. We are in a little piece of heavan up here in a little town called "Neerim South". It is predominately dairy country, so we are surrounded by cows and green lush pastures. We have bought what we like to call our "first step" into country life.....1 1/2 acres within walking distance to everything in town relevant to us ie: school, shops etc. This is a great place to be with our children being 9 and 5 years of age. I can watch my 9 year old walk to school down our street and can see him pretty much all the way until he arrives at school. The neighbours over the back have a horse and the little girl is in my son's class, so they play together most afternoons, and the neighbours on the other side have a 4 year old son who has befriended my youngest and they spend the afternoons coming and going. A gap has already been made in the fence with some plastic tubing surround so they can crawl thru to each other's houses without any injuries.

For me, there is a little adjusting. I have always lived in older houses and this is a new house, not really my style at all, so I knew it would be a bit of challenge to find the right spot for all my vintage pieces. I have quickly realised that some of them will have to go and some newer pieces will be required to balance out the look.

Lots of vintage and quirky bits looked "right" in my californian bungalow, but here, I am tapering back on the quirky bits and trying to streamline a cleaner look for the open plan spaces.

Exciting week with the arrival of our new "tattler" sofas which have been on order for 3 months....they have inspired me and were a perfect choice for a new house with a vintage feel.

my beloved kitchen cupboard which may need to find a new home in my studio or at the vintage shed- just looks out of place and a little lost in this big open plan room.

culling my displays back to half as many pieces seems to be suiting this house.

this is our very long, wide hallway. eventually i plan to have lots of bench seats, coat hooks and framed photos but for now, one wall of vintage is sitting there- see below

our bedroom. nice new king size bed and new doona- love my stripes.
touch of vintage with retro drawers and chair.

this is the view out one of our bedroom windows- isn't it lovely?

finally- a couple of projects underway (and many more to come i suspect)
this is our new fireplace. I didn't want a freestanding coonara as i dont like the look of them and really wanted a mantle of some sort so i did lots of research and found a picture of a coonara that had had a box built around it to look like a fireplace. My clever nephew built this for us- now all I have to do is decide how to paint it. I think a trip to Porters might be in order to check out some of their amazing paints. At the moment I am thinking about a textured look but porters have some really cool paints with oxidised, and metallic finishes- any suggestions here will be taken on board please!!

and finally----stumps are in for our deck. should be finished in a couple of weeks- will keep you updated with progress pics. we did plan a pergola initially, but now think it might block too many gorgeous views, so we are leaning towards shade sails which can block sun in summer and can be taken down in winter.
Well, thats it for me and my new house. It's been a big month for us and everyday now little projects are being achieved, even if it is just unpacking another box....starting to feel at home finally.

have a fabulous weekend all!
love Bec


Squiggly Rainbow said...

love your couches Bec and those green hills! lovely xx

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Yayyyyy Bec....So GLAD to hear you're settling into the new place Lovey....!!

Those couches are VERY YUMMY....**wink**....!!

I hope we get to catch up at The Vintage Shed soon....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah xx

Arto Burtiams said...

You have a nice home! And there are lots of wonderful, breathtaking views outside your house. Lucky you!
Hmm, I'm a bit curious about your plans regarding your home's landscaping. I bet that would also have a vintage touch. I'm excited to see it.

Randolph Coleson said...

Your new house is such a nice place. How long has it been since you moved here? Regarding your hallway, I think it's better if you put some photos or paintings so it won't look dull and boring. =)

Randy Robinson said...

Wow! Cows and green pastures? I've always dreamed of having a house in a place like that. :) You can definitely relax there, away from the busy city. :D The bedroom windows are so lovely! Vintage designs are the best.

Rebecca Stratton said...

I love the bedroom and the view from the window! It would be great if you had a shot of the place from a bird's eye view. Also, good choice of features. Everything is eye-catching. Even the couch looks elegant. Who designed this house?

Jeremy Beauregard said...

The yard is so wide! It's like a baseball field! =) It truly deserves a landscaping makeover. Put some huge plants that are eye-catching and also some flowers. Also, your fireplace is beautiful. It's so unique!

Shona Martinez said...

The view outside your window is, without a doubt, absolutely wonderful! :D Imagine lying down on the wide, green fields on a good weather day. Imagine galloping around on horseback! That’d be so awesome! What do you think? ;)