Friday, 7 October 2011


 Helloooooo! Hi everybody , long time no blog hey ? Well I haven't moved house like Bec but I feel like I might as well have ! There has been some room swapping going on at our house , my youngest son has made the big leap into a 'big boys bed' and now shares a room with his brother... So we basically had to move all the rooms around- the boys into what was the home office and the home office into Tadhgs room and Conor's room is a dumping ground at the moment. I am taking my time setting up our office slash sewing room in the hope that we will avoid the complete and utter chaos that was in the old room and instead get a well organised space for both my husband and I. Its not photo ready but when it is I will be sure to put some photos up.

Back to Vintatge Girl, Bec and I are as buys as ever and have a few things going on this month. And our little stall is going great.. So today I am going to leave you with a few photos of our stall and couple of other bits and pieces that caught my at the shed that I thought you might like...

cute little blackboard easel- looks like somebody is trying to copy Becs lovely writing dowm the bottom!

Our new old cupboard to display treasures in

spools galore

the cutest little shoe lasts I have ever seen from Tamarah at S.V.J


The cutest table for little people from Meg at D7

Vintage Wheelbarrow for the little helpers in the garden from Rach at squiggly rainbow

Virginie at E9 has already started on some beautiful handmade porcelain Xmas decorations!

Sebel chairs galore from Kathy ar C12

 That's about all for today, little people in the house are finally asleep, husband is watching the races and I am going back to work on my super organised home office...  Have a great weekend wherever you may be! xx Simone

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Squiggly Rainbow said...

moved house! wow - it's exhausting and exciting!! xx