Saturday, 21 April 2012


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A bit of a cheesy title , but I used to love that song when lived in Ireland!! Anyway I have been bursting to tell our readers that we Vintage girls are packing our bags, leaving the men ( big and little ) in our life behind for 10 days and are heading for Brimfield Massachusetts to one of the biggest antique fairs in The States !!!

During our time away we will be searching for some of the most amazing, unique, weird and wonderful things to bring back with us. And the fun doesn't stop there. After we have shopped (and walked) our little hearts out in Brimfield, we are headed to New York for 48 hours of sightseeing and some retail therapy, staying at one of the coolest places - the 'W' times square!

We have spent many months planning our little adventure and we can't believe it is nearly here! I in particular have Bec to thank for most of the planning. She literally has taken care of every little detail while I have been a little under the weather. ( I am taking a little excess baggage with me, my husband and I are expecting our third child later on this year)

So there you have it- a trip of a life time, of course our little stall is and will be still packed to the brim with Vintage goodness, so stop by to see us at the Vintage Shed or are any of our blog followers/ readers also planning a trip to Brimfield?  We would love to hear from you if you are..

That's about all for now, back soon with some more details about our little adventure..  Have a great weekend Xx


one denim bird said...

Sounds fabulous! Hope you girls have a blast x

Septembre said...

Oh Congratulations Simone what a great and exciting news for your family :)
i wish you and Bec a lovely trip to the States...lucky you, enjoy!!!