Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Vintage Shed explained.

Hi all,

Apologies for lack of blogging. I have been far too busy enjoying all my new found freedom between the hours of 9am-3.30pm.

Plus, I wanted to do a blog on the Vintage Shed but didn't take all the photos I needed last visit, so held off until now.

Some of you know The Vintage Shed well but recently, a few of our blog followers have asked us to elaborate on The Shed and what it is all about, so here are some snaps I took and a bit of an explanation as to how the Shed evolved......

The Vintage Shed was created by Tim and Jodee Goddard a little over 2 years ago. It is basically a very large warehouse, and within this space, there are lots of little spaces which are all rented by stall holders, such as us.
We rent a 5 metres x 3 metres space in there, but there are larger stalls and also smaller ones.

It started as one warehouse with about 25 stalls and we were one of the first, but it became so popular that Jodee and Tim expanded thru to 2 more sheds and now it houses 65 stall holders.

The thing I love about the shed is that it has a young, vibrant feel. It is not full of stuffy old antiques and china, but jammed with shabby chic, industrial, retro and farmhouse treasures, sourced mostly by people who are in tune with what's hot in the marketplace at the moment.

There are also many creative types at The Shed, so it is not unusual to find a vintage handmade cushion, or a stencilled cupboard, or just a really well merchandised stall that is amazing to view.

This is the shed...

Let's take a peek inside......

Here is the lovely Francis behind the counter. The pigeon holes behind house everybody's sales tickets, and newsletters etc....

Some pics of Vintage Girl (us)


Below is the front entrance. This stock is generally repro and belongs to Jodee and Francis......

Gorgeous terrariums handmade by the very clever Squiggly Rainbow who is stall C5

There are numerous cabinets for rent at the front and they house specialty items....below are swap cards galore.

And here is a cabinet of vintage hats....

This is our next door neighbors Karen and Jack (E12) who have been in the business for years. I always stop to look in their stall and usually find something great.

This is our other next door neighbour Maree, (A6) who is also a veteran. Maree specializes in vintage blankets, sheets, teatowels and cushions.

This is Barry (A7) who is the king of trunks and blokes items. Another stall now to be missed....

The lovely Viv, who is E3 and has 2 stalls which are as fabulous as each other. Simone and I would like to stalked Viv one day to see where she gets her stock because she is always loaded up with amazing finds and has a talent for display.

The very clever Tamarah from Shabby Vintage Junk (A12). Her stall is pure eye candy. She calls it an "instillation" and it is aptly named as it is a work of art in itself...

Moving on, this is David (B9) who refurbishes furniture. If you're after a retro table and chairs, look no further than Dave.

Next is Meg (D7) who is also always arriving with gorgeous finds and is one stall I never fail to view when I am down at the shed, in fact there is many a trinket in my house that came from Meg.

In the middle section now and across the aisle from Meg is Lyn from French, Vintage and Chic. Lyn and her partner Michael have been in the business for a long time and Lyn is very creative. To give you an idea of what you might find in Lyn's stall, here are two things I have bought from Lyn in the past and are 2 of my all time favourite things......

My ruler cupboard....and

My Palace of Westminster cushion.
Lyn's stall below.....

Next to Lyn is Kathy (c12). If you are after pure industrial and farmhouse, this is the stall. You will find everything from fishing nets and floats, to farm branding stencils here..

Across the back of the 2nd section we come to Sam. He has the most stalls at The Shed but he really needs them as he deals mostly in retro and Danish style furniture.

Heading down the back now, past some fabulous stalls, but I cannot list them all, we come to Septembre Vintage which has a French Industrial feel, and so it should! It's owner, Virginie is French after all.She is stall E9

That's about it for this time. This is just a snippet of what there is to see at the Vintage Shed, so if you have not been- come on down and make a day of it.

The Vintage Shed
93 Mornington-Tyabb Road,

Hope to see you there one day!

Vintage Girl - Bec xx


Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh Bec what a GREAT post....THNKS for the shout out....I keep missing you when I go down....Hopefully we'll catch up soon....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

simmone said...

Talk about eye candy,bet it hardly seems like work,thanks for the sticky beak.Looks amazing!

trove trading co / montreux said...

It's been too long...thanks for a fabulous visual reminder of what I've been missing..can't wait to visit soon. As you know I never leave empty handed!!!

Vintage Shed Tyabb said...

Fantastic Bec, Lots of great treasures.

french vintage & chic said...

Thanks bec for the photos of my stall and my homemade stuff,it makes me really happy to know there loved. Cheers lyn

Erica Louise said...

I love this place!