Friday, 22 July 2011


T.G.I.F everyone!

It has been a very big week for us....we spent all day yesterday getting new stock into the Vintage Shed, and of course, part of the day involves catching up with fellow stall holders for a chat and review of their new "finds" which we  love to do!

Visits from a few Visual Merchandisers saw stock walking to the counter before it had even been unpacked, which i must say was fabulous. It's always a great feeling when you see your instinct on selection of certain purchases has paid off. It also made it easier to squeeze the rest of the stock in!

I would like to introduce you all to Sally (a.k.a Vintage Girl's mum).
Sal has taken on the task of selling our cards and cushions. She has fabulous taste and is very carefully selecting beautiful shops around Melbourne that will suit our wares.

The original range of cards I put together just over a year ago came from an idea Sal had. We sat over coffee one day, and brainstormed ideas for a new range, and she went away and came back with the book (pictured) which was my grandfathers "matchbook" collection. It is now over 90 years old and this is where our matchbook range came from.

It's funny how your mind works, but that was enough to get the creative juices flowing and more ideas followed on from that which has resulted in the numerous ranges we have now.

One range I did as a "one off" was the Tops and Tails range, which were made from an old childrens card game. They sold out in one week and so, I have been scouting the globe for more decks of these cards, which I am happy to say I have found several. Whilst seaching old card games I also stumbled across some others which will also make gorgeous cards. Some of these have gone out today and more will be following.....Arent they sweet?

I am going to attempt to upload a stockist's list for our cards and cushions over the next few days as there are too many to mention.....I will also do a blog over the weekend showcasing our lovely cushions for all to see. They are being received well in the marketplace and we are already working on a summer cushion range which we hope will be ready in October.

If you have any enquiries regarding cards or cushions, you can contact Sally on 0415160832 or email us at

Have a lovely weekend all.

Vintage Girl
Bec and Simone.


Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

I love how your stall changes every week. So glad it's going well and will have to fight back the crowds so I can have another peek soon! xo

Ava said...

These cards are glorious , what a great idea . Wish I lived in Victoria , your space looks to die for ! Now following xx Ava

Into Vintage said...

hello! Popped over from Shabby Vintage Junk and now I have reason #2 to come to AU and shop vintage! :-) Love seeing your stall set-up - I can use the inspiration!

Lyndel said...

hi I'm visiting from SVJ too, and I was down at the Shed last weekend, wow your space was terrific. I do love the way you all show your wares off down there. It really seems like a nice place to trade from.