Monday, 18 July 2011


Hi all.

We are going to endevour going forward to put up all stock heading to the shed, on the blog a few days earlier, to give all our followers a chance to purchase early.

All enquiries can be sent to or you can call Bec on 0409530368.

Please note that we put all items into the shed on a Thursday at Shed prices. Early birds can save $$ by buying direct from us prior to Thursdays, so don't delay.

This week we will also be putting 3 of the Vintage School Maps on Ebay (the 3 that are not in the best shape) and will be starting them at 99 cents to give everyone a chance to own one of these fabulous pieces. Despite their wear and tear, they are still lovely. See our last post for pictures of the 6 maps that are in exellent condition and will be sold thru the shed or privately prior to Thursday.

some of the mint condition vintage books we found. the are divine.
and vintage "blokey" mags. fabulous illustrations.
you can never have too many crates.....
Antlers galore
every which way to get organised....
stove blacking pots..perfect for little mantels and ledges.
more of our ever popular mini soda bottles, just 15cm tall.
yummy tins- all shapes, sizes and designs.
gorgeous rustic potter's stool with wood top and cast iron base.
industrial spools.

old wooden fishing hand lines...

Everything you need to be a vintage masterchef....

lots of small pieces of furniture...all nice and rustic, wood and metal - our favourite materials.

Phew- it WAS a busy weekend!
See you all at the Shed.

Vintage Girl xx

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Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh I am BEYOND envious....What a FABULOUS haul....Can't wait to see some of these Treasures in person....!!

See you Thursday....!!!!!

Tamarah :o)