Monday, 25 July 2011


Hi everyone- what a week Bec and I have had! Our little business has had one of our busiest month ever and we couldn't be happier... This might turn into a little bit of a soppy post but we have had the support of some really amazing people whose kind words and encouragement mean a lot to us.

First of all a huge thanks to Tamarah at shabby vintage junk she featured us over on her hugely popular blog and we are lucky to have her as a fellow stallholder at the V.Shed .I know a lot of our recent followers have come via Tamarah and I have tried my best to pop over to all of your blogs and comment- if I haven't thanks so much for taking the time to comment at Vintage Girl! And those of you haven't checked out Tamarah should jump on over , we will share the love very soon and bring you some highlights of her amazing stall.

Second of all we have had some great encouragement and words of wisdom from Dallas at Indeed who I have posted about recently, the lovely Rachel- who makes us laugh and always greets us with a bear hug!Sue from Montruex is someone we really admire and always's happy to stop for a chat.Bec's mum Sally who hits the road with cards and cushion every chance she gets. The lovely ladies at Cumquat interiors , who Bec visited on the weekend and reported back to me that their shop is amazing.

Jodee & Tim at the Vintage Shed are so great to work for and run our business under their banner.  Fridays are always a highlight for me at the Shed where Jodee and I in between getting some work done manage to have a lot of laughs.. and also Sue who tag teams with Jodee on a Friday and is like the mother hen of the Vintage Shed!

Lastly I am lucky to have a business partner like Bec, who keeps me organised and basically the whole show on the road. We get on well, as do our boys and when we get together to plan our next strategy its never like work, much more like fun. One last shout out to Jacinta who sews our cushions and does a beautiful job normally after me knocking on her door with 5 cushions in my arms shouting can we have these by 12 tomorrow!

Phew, i feel like I have just made an acceptance speech! But seriously , we feel really lucky to be surrounded by lovely creative people who remind us why we love what we are doing.

Now on a different note, I headed off early Sunday morning determined to find some treasure- and I am sure somewhere there was some out there but all I got was soaking wet and a little grumpy from an early start. Last weekend I picked up this really cute metal and wood bench that was covered with some really ugly vinyl, which I stripped back and intend to stain or wax very soon. I couldn't blog without some pictures so I set it up in a couple of different places that I would use it in my own home.

I think it would make be a great spot for some of my ever-growing interior book collection

Inside the front door- somewhere to put down one of my prized Orla Kiely bags

We have another busy week planned and some more changes for our little stall, have a great week everybody I will be back on Thursday with some photos.. Simone x


Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

You're welcome Simone & Bec! It's a pleasure to work for you lovely ladies. I'm so happy that the stall is going great and keeping you out of trouble. heh heh.

debbie said...

Hi girls,
LOVE that clock, spools & tin on your blog - just gorgeous.
Just wondering if you could help me. I have a retro glass/mesh soda syphon. I am trying to find the soda bulb attachment (keeps soda bulb in on top of the bottle - if you know what I mean?), and after travelling around the world on the web I am more confused than ever!! Do you know anything about these & whether they can be purchased anywhere. I see lots of syphons without them?

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hey Girls....!

It was LOVELY as always catching up with you both today....!! THANKS for your muscles Bec....AND for your WONDERFUL words....You are both VERY welcome....I'm CHUFFED you've had such a GREAT month & have been so busy....!!

I have my fingers crossed next month is even bigger & better....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah xx