Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Its day 2 of the school holidays and very cold wet and windy in Melbourne, so today was a day for closing the curtains and getting cozy! And halfway through cabin fever had set in, so I decided to add a few vintage girl touches around the house and take some photos.

This is my eldest sons room, I added the vintage arithmetic chart - this is destined to be sold but I am going to enjoy it for a while!

Again my oldest sons room, with a little retro chair that I sanded back and recovered a while ago. On it a Vintage girl cushion hot off the press, made from a recycled army blanket

Another vintage girl cushion in my youngest son's room, I love the grey and red against all the blues

And lastly I had to share this little vintage duffel coat that I picked up from Vivienne at the Vintage Shed recently- my youngest son is spoilt for choice when it comes to clothes as I may have gone a little crazy with the shopping when Conor was young (who am I kidding I still do) but i just couldn't resist this little coat-it was too cute to leave behind don't you think?

I am loving the make over Bec did on this little blog and tomorrow we are off for a day of treasure hunting, so fingers crossed we will have some new things to share later on this week.

Have a great week xx Simone


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Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Morning Girls....!!

I am seriously LOVIN' your blog header....The elements, textures & colour ROCK....DEFINITELY one for my inspiration file....!!

I've NEVER seen an arithmetic chart before....What a SCORE & the little duffel coat from Vivienne (isn't she a PEACH) is too CUTE....!!!!!

I hope you're both having a BRILLIANT day & finding heaps....!!

See ya tomorrow....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)