Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Hi everyone, hope your week has been good so far- those of you who are in Melbourne will identify with the title of this post- it is cold wet and rainy in Melbourne and after working all weekend at the Vintage Shed I am catching up on boring stuff like housework, playing cars ( the joys of being surrounded by boys!)and now that I have finally convinced my two year old that he really still needs a little nap to get him through the day, I am indulging in a little magazine therapy- although its bordering on obsession.My local newsagent knows me well as I start stalking them at the beginning of the month and its always a little bit like Christmas when I see a shiny new issue of one of my  favourite mags come out.

obsession? no

sleeping peacefully after much protesting

Speaking of magazines, I know that blogger has been having a few issues in the last week so I am hoping this is why we haven't managed to catch our competition winner? So Debbie Mcintyre if you are reading this could you send us a quick message at vintagegirl@hotmail.com.au we can get your  magazine subscription organised and you wont have to stalk your newsagent like me!

Have a great week and stay warm xx

P.S I am so in love with the flags Bec posted about yesterday, thinking I might have to stash one for my future dream forever house..


Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

LOL!!! that is one major big mag stash there. Those flags were awesome... and what a little cutie, (esp when they sleep!) xo

Squiggly Rainbow said...

I was thinking the same! Great stash of mags! I haven't bought any this month... but you are inspiring me!
Rach x

Bec & Simone said...

Hi Girls- yes it was a big stash alright! Don't worry I managed to get through them! Simone xx