Friday, 10 June 2011


Finally we have a winner ! First of all thanks so much to all our followers old and new , its really great know that other people share our passion for all things vintage..

So just to let you know that the draw was done under the strictest supervision of my family and a school class mascot named Bert ! Without further ado the winner is DEBBIE !! So Debbie I will be in touch so we can get your details and your magazine choice.

our all important adjudicators!

Today I was working behind the counter at the Vintage Shed and it was so cold, I really should have listened to my Mum and bought the thermals from Aldi when they were on special! After work I rushed to meet Bec and I am so excited to tell you we managed to find some amazing new pieces for our stall, a really rustic bench seat, some great old wooden boxes, chairs and Becs favourite a really old kodak guillotine..I wish I could share some photos with you, but they are in my husbands car and I am hoping if I wait long enough he will unload them for me!

So I am going to sign off for the weekend, I am working at the Vintage Shed again tomorrow so who knows I might see some of you down there ( if you do listen to your mum and wear your thermals!) xx


Squiggly Rainbow said...

I had mine on earlier in the week! I popped a link in to you guys from my blog - hope you've had some extra visitors! xx Rach

Simone & Bec said...

Thanks Rach, much appreciated!xx