Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Hi all,

Can't quite believe it is Wednesday already (soon to be Thursday as I am up late). The week has flown and I have barely touched on the "projects" I had lined up.

Having said that.....

I have modge podged one large masonite number, made 100 cards for my mum to sell this week, done kinder duty (and cooked pizzas with the kids), minded little maxwell, helped a friend with a craft project, updated our stock list, done a report on our May sales, balanced the books, listed things on ebay, packed and posted about 8 ebay parcels, designed and ordered business cards........phew.........

Yes, I would say another 10 hours per day would be it would for all of us I suspect.

I covered this number in vintage monoply money. Very kitsch.

And yet another project.......Simone has been busy recently making cushions which came about when my mum gave me an old army blanket that belonged to my grandfather. Wish I could show you a pic, but they literally walked out the door as soon as they hit the shed. Picture 100% grey wool with a fine stripe and feather insert. This has led us to design a small range of cushions and with the help of the lovely Jacinta (the local sewing wizz)  we will shortly be taking the cushions on the road with our cards and also selling them on Etsy and in the shed. Hopefully we will have some pictures for you soon.....

Above is a pic of my little work nook.....surprisingly quite tidy tonight!!!

Ok, tomorrow i am definately getting going on the chairs (among 100 other things) -promise.

Enjoy the rest of the week. Will check in Friday to draw our prize.

Vintage Girl
Bec and Simone

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Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

Hope those cushions sell like hot cakes girls! ;)