Monday, 13 June 2011

Cushions and the long weekend

Hi everybody, hope you had a great long weekend.- mine was busy with work, family time and some cushion making.I worked behind the counter at the Vintage Shed , the sun was shining down our way and there were lots of customers out taking advantage of it.

On Sunday my family and I headed to the ashcombe maze, it was my first time there and we had great fun.. although at one point I started to feel a little bit panicky when we couldn't find our way out ( and I know that is the whole point!) When we passed by the point where we entered the maze I headed off for the cafe and left the boys too it.

Bec and I have been going ahead with our cushion designs and my friend Jacinta has done a great job sewing them up, luckily I got some photos as a couple were already snapped up during the weekend.

whoops, need to work on a steady hand!

The cushions all have feather inserts, invisible zips and are being made from recycled wool blankets and materials... They are still a work in progress, but we are really happy with them so far.

Bec and I have another busy week planned, we have managed to get our hands on a really big wire bakers rack that we plan to use for display in our stall, so there will be lots of juggling to squeeze into our little space. We need to give our head office a huge clean up and we have some lamp shades waiting for a makeover.

If all goes to plan later on this week we will have some photos of our neat and tidy workspace and some new projects to show you ! Have a great week.. Simonex 

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