Sunday, 29 July 2012

ALL GOOD THINGS.............

We had a huge week last week at the "Odd Vintage Wares" pop up market in Collingwood and also at the Vintage Shed.

It was lovely to meet some of our blog friends and catch up with some fellow stallholders. As you can see from the photos there was a lot of dedicated, talented stallholders there who spent a huge amount time making sure everything was fabulous- and it sure was. A huge thank- you to Kat for doing an amazing job at organising everything and supplying us all with endless amounts of Lollies!!

On a totally different note, we wanted to let our readers know that at this time we have decided to hang up our Vintage Girl hats.

We have had an amazing two years in partnership, chasing all over the countryside and the world even in pursuit of that perfect find. There has been lots of fun, laughter,wine, tears even....

My life is about to get a whole lot busier in a very different way as my family and I will soon welcome baby number 3,  and although our partnership is coming to an end we will both always be Vintage Girls at heart.

I plan to keep blogging over at VINTAGE.HOME.LIFE  about- well everything and anything really. Bec and I although not partners in business anymore will still share some space at the Vintage Shed and I will be still selling a small selection of vintage curio- when I can fit it  in the busy schedule I have coming up very soon!

So that's about all from me for now, I will leave it to Bec to fill you in on her plans for the future. I will look back on this little blog as a great collection of memories from a wonderful time and friendship which I am sure will continue for a lifetime,
Simone xxxx

Dear Vintage Girl blog friends,

A quick note to add to Simone's words above, which pretty much sum up how I also feel. It has been wonderful having a partner in crime the past two years and we have had some amazing adventures together and watched our little business blossom.  Unfortunately, things do change and with both my boys off at school now, I need to work full time hours and really try and make a decent go at this vintage caper.

Although I truly do love what I do, no doubt about that, money DOES make the world go around and whilst our partnership worked as a hobby while we both had little ones at home, I need to either take it to the next level or walk away and go back to 9-5 I am giving myself 6 months to see what I can achieve, and I am pulling out all stops to ensure it works! (I really don't want to go back to REAL work)

I am extremeley grateful that Simone and I will still share some space at the shed and most importantly can remain friends. I am not sure what I would do if I couldn't text her at least twice a day about something. We have formed a true friendship and I do believe it will continue on regardless of our business endevours.

At this time I have decided not to blog. I am a facebook addict and have set up a page there for my business which will be updated daily. I will also be focussing a little more on my ebay store and online selling, as well as the stall space at The Vintage Shed. My new business is "Little Flea".  Please click on the link to follow me on facebook.!/littlefleavintage 
and ebay store link is

Thank you once again for following us, and hope you will come across and follow our new adventures .

Bec and Simone xxx


Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hey Bec & Simone.....!!

I've been trying to write my response for almost half an hour now & am still not sure what it is I want to say....I guess I'd like to start by letting you know it has been an absolute PLEASURE knowing you both as Vintage Girl....I've admired the way in which you've built your brand & the spirit in which you've conducted your business over the last or so that I've known you....

I would say too that this announcement has made me sad though why, I'm not really able to pinpoint.....Perhaps it has to do with 'change' of which I'm not a big fan....Or maybe that I'm envious of the fact you were able to work so well as a Partnership in this business giving me hope for mine down the track....I'm not really sure....

I'm GLAD I'll still have the opportunity to see you both from time to time....In my selfish little SVJ world that will make the 'change' easier for me to deal with.... :o)

I wish you both well....Simone with your little one about to arrive & Bec with the direction you are about to embark on with your business....I have my fingers crossed the next 6 months see only AMAZING things for you....!!!!!

Your Shabby Friend,
Tamarah xx


Thanks Tamarah for your kind and thoughtful words. We will still see you around, no doubt about that! Bec

Anonymous said...

Well done on a great business to you both! I lovelooking at the blog and your photos!
Simone I look forward to your ideas in decorating my new home and yes babysitting will be offered in return - as long as b3 behaves better than your niece!
May your futures be as rewarding as your past:))

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