Tuesday, 12 June 2012


We are counting down the days until we are re-united with all the beautiful pieces that we bought during our crazy week at Brimfield , dreaming of all the lovely displays we can set up in our space at the Vintage Shed... So as they say it out with the old and in with the new- we are having a rather large sale,so hurry on down to the Vintage Shed for a bargain!

As I was doing my usual cleaning/ putting my house back together routine on a Monday, I couldn't resist taking photos of a few new things happening around my house...

First is finally a couch for my 'good' room- I have looked at this empty room for about 3 years and finally couldn't take it any more and headed on down to a local furniture store and paid a rather large sum ( it scared me a little actually) of money for this beautiful and huge sofa. It is just waiting to be dressed up with some beautiful bright cushions and to have the chairs that I blogged about a while ago re- covered in something a little bit bright and fun to liven it up a bit..

Next is a gorgeous Vintage Bowl that I coveted and waited and watched for a very long time at the Vintage Shed and finally decided that I couldn't live without it.. I plan on filling it with green apples ( look out Aldi here I come) and putting it in that 'good' room- when I get a coffee table instead of the current option- a beaten up Thomas the tank train table!

Then there is a new bit of chevron brightening up my bedroom- I think I have made myself clear on feelings about chevron on this blog- borderline obsessed. I nearly fell over when I saw it reduced at Target to $50..

A little bit of reading for these cold winter nights- UNDECORATE is one of my favourite decorating books, lots of inspiring homes not all of them looking like showrooms.. Just family homes with lovingly collected pieces. I inhale interior design magazines and books, spend way too much money on them, but does anyone else think the homes featured are a little like airbrushed models on magazines? Too neat , too perfect and just not possible to have when you have young kids ( well ones like mine anyway) running around..

Lastly a few new editions to my wardrobe... I had a birthday recently and have been wanting a pair of D.Co boots for a while- so I instructed my husband and my mum no presents please, I little donation and I would gift myself- which I did! I have to say it was love at first sight, they fit like a glove and I am sure they will be with me for a very long time- in fact in the event of an emergency I would of course grab the kids first, photographs and then the boots! whoops - did I forget to mention the husband? Of course he is in there somewhere..

The earrings are an Anthropologie N.Y purchase, I spent much of my time in New York in bed feeling horrible ( I was well looked after by Bec !) then on the day we were leaving after a visit to a really lovely N.Y doc to check all was o.k with baby we did a quick dash around the shops- not bad for about 1 hours shopping !

All in all lots of good things happening for our little vintage business and for me personally- life is good!
Hope you are having a lovely week wherever you may be....
Simone x

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