Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I thought I had better follow Bec's lead and give you a preview of some of my favourite things..

My number one favourites! No explanation needed..

This is one of my very first Vintage purchases. I believe its a 'snelling stool' I admired for a very long time at a local Antiques house and after a year I decided it had to be mine.

I am pretty sure these were labels that would have been attached wooden crates, they came framed and were dirt cheap! They brightened up a hallway in our house and one even survived falling off the wall late one night!

Not Vintage but I love my Orla kiely pillowcase's! I am a huge fan of Orla Kiely and must admit I have a purse, handbag, hand towels all along a similar design of my pillowcases. I fell for her designs during my 7 years living in Ireland.

Lastly is a wall hanging showing international shipping codes, it is has some water damage so I have it hanging near the window hoping that the sun might fade it.I am planning a shared room for my boys and have it earmarked for there.

I could really go on forever as I have so many favourites but I think everybody might get bored! It's been so nice to get some lovely comments since we started this little blog, I know some readers are already familiar with Bec and have been very nice and to include a little hello me in their comments.

I will be down at the Vintage Shed Sunday and Monday and then off for a little Holiday with family, Happy Easter everybody!

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