Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I am such a huge blog reader, I almost feel a little nervous writing my very own blog post! But the time has come to join the online community and I couldn't be more excited to launch this blog with my friend Bec as we embark on a new and exciting partnership.

Welcome to Vintage Girl!

I have to admit that vintage is fairly new in my world. I have always had a love for all things beautiful for my home and studied interior design in Ireland, but I didn't grow up collecting or fossicking for treasures. As a child I was more likely to be dragged to a football match than a trash and treasure market, but since relocating from Ireland to the Mornington Peninsula, and working behind the counter of The Vintage Shed (the coolest job ever) I have found myself drawn more and more to the beauty of vintage pieces.

Bec also works at The Vintage Shed and has stalls there, and after meeting, we just hit it off. Going into business together just seemed right and so we are off and running and I now have licence to go out hunting all over the countryside looking for that something special!

Bec is the original Vintage Girl. She grew up roaming antique shops and markets with her mum. She spent her teenage years hanging out in Greville Street Bazaar (now Chapel street Bazaar) and still has some of the first pieces she purchased there as a teenager.

After 10 years in the rag trade, she found herself in search of an interest while at home with her young boys and at the suggestion of her brother, tagged along to an Auction. She was hooked and hasn't looked back since. She has had stalls on the Mornington Peninsula for 5 years.

Bec and I both have little boys (2 each) who keep us very busy, but we will be dropping in to share our finds with you, our favourite blogs and shops and some of our Vintage adventures!

So put us in your favourites and stay tuned for our next post........


Squiggly Rainbow said...

Excellent! Looking forward to reading more Bec and Simone! xo

debbie said...

This is great Bec! And hello Simone. Can't wait to hear about, and see your latest finds! cheers, Deb :-)

Sarah said...

I remember those Greville St days - welcome to the blogosphere Bec (and hi to Simone). Looking forward to reading more!