Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Its been another busy week for Bec and I, but its all been worth it- we have some great new stock this week.Our little stall is bursting at the seams so we have put a few bits on ebay, check out our store here

Our best find this week is a bulk lot of metal petrol station numbers, they are red and white and a little beaten up- just the way we like them! They are on ebay and selling fast, if any of our readers feel like they have to one or even all of them message us we can offer them at a discounted price.

As well as searching in all sorts of places ( nowhere is off limits- believe me! ) we have been doing a bit of sanding and painting of a few pieces that have been taking up space in my garage  our head office! There is a cute little church pew and a yellow stool headed to the shed tomorrow.

I really have a thing for bench seats lately - ask Bec I have sulked on a few occasions when we have missed out on some. So I was so excited to find these two extra long ones- they will have a good clean up, not sure about a paint, either way they will be headed to the vintage shed very soon.

please note-the two unruly children are sold seperately.

That about it for today- we love to hear from our followers so keep the comments coming ( all 9 of you!)

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Squiggly Rainbow said...

You girls are so clever! I don't know how you find such great scores!