Monday, 2 May 2011


Hi everybody! I am back after a break with my family at Phillip Island, we had a great time and the weather was so good that we managed to get to the beach everyday. The hardest part about a holiday is the  unpacking and how can 4 people accumulate so much washing? I think I have done about 6 loads since we got back yesterday ! Our house has washing from one end to the other,I really need a holiday to get over my holiday!

I did manage to get to a garage sale while I was away-my family thought I was a bit insane getting up at 7am on my first morning- but its like an addiction! Once I saw the sign the sign nothing else would do- I had to be there! It was ok, I picked a few demi johns, glass jar and a vintage floor rug- there seems to be a bit of move towards Moroccan touches in interiors and I think this rug fits the bill!

some holiday finds
The other exciting thing that happened this week was that I received a book in the mail that I ordered a couple of weeks ago,its called decorate and co authored by the writer of one of my favourite blogs  it is full amazing homes and inspiring ideas - it really felt like christmas when I got it! It joins my ever growing pile of interior books.

my ever growing collection of interior books

so excited to fins this one on my doorstep!

This week Bec and I are excited that we are changing things up a bit at the V.Shed- we have had two stalls at opposite ends of the shed and after the opportunity came up to close down the back one and extend the front one- we jumped on it... So stay tuned for a some photos of how it all turns out..

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Squiggly Rainbow said...

Exciting! Sounds like it will look fabulous - can't wait to see it.

Rach x