Monday, 13 February 2012


Hi to all our blog friends! Last week being the first week my son went back to school after the Christmas holidays I thought I would finally get some down to some serious Vintage Girl business- sadly not our house was hit by a horrible bout of sickness- so while Bec was blogging, ebaying and doing a beautiful job of giving our stall a makeover I was stuck indoors with two sick little boys(and sick me) no school and definitely no work got done.. But this week I am back and business !

I wanted to share with you a rare find of ours recently that is listed on ebay at the moment.. We don't generally deal in a lot of 'retro' items, its not that we don't like it, just it doesn't seem to fit with the look of our stall. But when we found this amazing dining setting, we knew we had to have it ( for a little while anyway) Now I was under the impression it was a Chiswell setting, but a lovely lady has since let me know that it was actually made by Gereld Easden and after lots of crawling around on the floor I discovered a stamp dated- July 7th 1970. It really is a beautiful piece in more or less the same condition it was made.So somebody who loves retro is going to be very lucky to end up with this fabulous setting in their home very soon!

So that's it for today,I will be back soon!

Simone x

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