Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Christmas at the Studio

If you have never been to "Christmas at the Studio", then you need to free up next weekend at any cost and tootle down to Merricks North for the Mornington Peninsula's iconic annual event.

"The Studio" is shared by three talented Peninsula artists.....Leisa Wharington- glass blower and owner of the Studio and The Somers General Store, Flick Pope- jeweller and Julie Niekamp- painter.

Only once per year these talented ladies open their glorious studio for 2 days. Surrounding the studio on 20+ acres are other carefully selected, talented makers and creators selling their wares. Yummy food, wine and music all make it one event you will never forget.

Vintage Girl was lucky enought to meet Leisa a few years back and we were invited to have a stall. Although we don't primarily "make", Leisa is a huge fan of Vintage, and so we go....vintage stacked to the brim and set up our little marquee.

We so look forward to this event and it does give us a chance to turn our hands to something Simone and I both love...which is creating. We create a few things each year which are exclusively for the market and are in keeping with the spirit of vintage. At the moment I am busy wiring up old fowlers jars for tealight holders, making some more Christmas cards AND regular cards and my eleventh hour creation.........

bingo number magnets!! arent't they sweet?

Now, all our stockists have a hardcopy of the invitation coming in the mail in the next couple of days. For all our blog followers...see below- but if anyone would like a hardcopy invitation posted out..just send us your address via email and I can pop one in the post.

We will be blogging about the market for the next week and showing you some sneaky peeks at some of our treasures that will head down the Merricks.

Do come along if you is a chance to meet some potenial new suppliers
in the most glorious of surroundings.

Vintage Girl xx

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