Friday, 18 November 2011

Vintage Injection


I do love blogging on Fridays because my mind is not so cluttered with things that need to be done and I am beginning to wind down for the weekend.....

We spent the entire day at the Vintage Shed yesterday, something we have neglected to do for quite a few weeks. It was great to catch up with our stallholder friends and give the stall a bit of a re-vamp. It is amazing how quickly it can start to look "tired" if it is not maintained and with our focus on other projects the past few weeks, it was looking a little sad :(

It wasn't difficult to get enthused.....Simone kept loading up her car and dropping stock down to me and I was reminded just how much we had found over the past weeks. It's always soooo much fun merchandising with lots of new stock and I thoroughtly enjoyed my day.

With the stall looking "smicko", we can turn our attention back to the market next weekend now, and I have spent the morning bundling vintage books into lovely coloured stacks and am now glueing the last few bingo magnets.....

It is stifling in our house today and as I type this, the plumber is installing a split system on our lounge room wall......ahhhhh roll on plumber....roll on.

A family weekend is in need. Work has taken so much time lately and my children are beginning to get a little bitter about it I think, so we have plans-  to barbie on the deck, plant some new trees, have a game of yahtzee or two and a "no t.v night" has been mentioned which is nice once you force yourself to turn it off.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, whatever you may be doing...

Vintage Girl xx

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rabbit and the duck said...

I have that duck on the left : ) A friend just gave it to me for Christmas hehe.