Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Helloooooo ! Yes again I am apologising for my lack of blogging, after Christmas at the studio I crashed and burned! But I am back, and I thought I would follow on from Becs Christmas post and show you some of my Christmas preparations.

Now I need to let you know that I take my present wrapping  fairly seriously ! So last week when I started my wrapping I snapped a few shots on the way. First of all I have to show you my new favourite wrapping accessory, it is a little wrist band that dispenses just enough tape for beautifully wrapped gifts. no time spent cutting or ripping sticky tape with your teeth - here it is below and yes I know what you are thinking I am bit of a geek!

This was all going so beautifully until my six year old son decided that he had a good use for it also,...

Yes he decided that he would plaster posters all over the wall with it, as you can imagine I was thrilled - not Not only did he remove paint from all the walls be he used every last one of the little perfect pieces of tape, so I had no choice but to pull out my vintage heavy as a brick tape dispenser..

Now back to my actual wrapping- I have always loved brown Kraft paper dressed up with ribbon sometimes I hand stamp them with stars or birds, and my obsession with chevron has carried through to my wrapping.. a little while ago I bought some pdf files of etsy of around 10 different coloured chevron patterns, and some I even put to use my course at harvest textiles and screen printed some myself. Then all then did is traced an old tag I had and cut them out- I have to say am loving them..

Also over the years I like to make a few handmade decorations along the way , mainly using old sheet music or cut up brown paper bags I like to make garlands with my sewing machine , usually either circles, angel or stars..

Laslty I wanted to show you a bit of Becs crafty handiwork , that I just love.. We had a few friends over on the weekend and it was a lovely warm evening so we were outside and I used some of these tea light holders Bec made from recycled Fowler's jars , old wire and a lot of patience to stamp them with gorgeous text or birds..  Lots of people commented on them , and they were beautiful with the fresh flowers I had dotted around picked from my mums garden..

That's about all for today, hope you are having a wonderful 'festive' season wherever you might be- my boys are counting down the days, not long now.. they are pretty sure that Santa must be nearly ready to load that sleigh! Merry Christmas everyone , Simone xx

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Melissa said...

Your present wrapped in brown craft paper, stamped with white stars, red ribbon, and silver/white chevron gift tag is PERFECTION! :)

Happy Holidays!