Friday, 16 December 2011


I couldn't help myself.....must blog for the 2nd time today.

I have just been looking thru photos I took at the Vintage Shed yesterday and am just sooo happy with our little space right now.

We decided a while back to buy a few really nice pieces for display and have been searching high and low but hadn't been able to find the right pieces.....until last week.

Getting antsy about having the stall looking gorgeous for the summer crowd, and with time running out,  I contacted the only person I knew who could help us....the "queen of pigeonholes", Rachel at Nook Vintage.

If you haven't visited Nook, you must! The eclectic mix of pieces in there is matter which way you turn, you find yourself oooohhhinh and aaahhhhing. And the truly great thing about Nook is that everytime you go there, the stock is different. Nothing lasts long there, so when you see something- you should grab it before it's too late!

And so, we were supplied with the most divine pigeonholes I have seen for quite some time (and I have been looking for a while).

see Nook's blog at Thanks or visit the store at 258 Johnston Street, Fitzroy. Thanks Rachel and Gary.

don't they look amazing?

The stall is truly brimming for Christmas and with lots of stock in the wings waiting- we are ready and raring to go for the summer.

metal filing drawers, vintage circus prints, cotton spools galore.....

random coloured sebels...only a few left, but more on the way after Christmas.

sweet little plaster ducks (one of which the lovely Shannon from Rabbit and the Duck now owns)

mannequins, globes, an army medical trunk (circa world war 1) to lust after.....

glass jars with bakelite lids, bread boards, and fun rustic drawers...
rustic wood and metals stools, farmhouse tables, depression cupboards and a
pair of wooden boot forms / lasts to die for

Well- it's 5.15pm Friday so I shall clock off for the weekend. Enjoy your Christmas parties, carols by candlelights or whatever Christmassy things you might be doing this weekend- I know I will!

Vintage Girl


Melissa said...

Great set up!!

claire said...

i would give one of my limbs to be able to have a little nook like that!!