Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Lunch

Good morning, good morning...
Despite a massive week I have risen this morning feeling fresh and happy. It is Friday and it's beginning to feel alot like Christmas.

Last night saw the end to my Christmas shopping (high five) and I feel now that I can focus on the more important issues at hand - Christmas food!! I may even get a food shopping list finished today with any luck.

It may seem a little lazy to say I took almost all the recipes out of one magazine, but they all sounded so delicious and are featured as dishes that will sit together nicely. Cooking is only a relatively new like (not love) for me, so this is adventurous in my eyes. Here goes.....

Entree:- Being the lazy cook I am, I usually do antipasto for entree or pre-dinner nibbles, but tend to find people fill up too much on it and then don't get thru the rest of the meal, so determined to find a quirky alternative and after reading about cocktails and the pairings of food with them I decided on

Pom Pom (pomegranite) cocktails and hot salted nuts.

I got this receipe from

I didn't want to do a traditional meal. Again, I have always found that having 4 different meats and an abundance of roasted veggies on a hot day just isn't nessesary and most likely contributes to the mass exodus from the table to the couch for a sleep directly after lunch.

Instead I thought I would try and keep in light, but very very tasty.

So Main is Roast turkey roll with cranberry, fig and sausage stuffing and super crunchy potatoes.
Thankfully mum (Sal) is preparing this part. It's a little out of my skill league I think.
This is from last months House and Garden.

Tomato, basil and pine nut salad.
House and Garden

Pea, mint and almond salad
House and Garden

The third salad is my sister in law's specialty.
It is a beetroot and pumpkin salad and is one of the yummiest things I have ever eaten.
I don't have a photo but you could google that description if you wanted to find a similar salad.

Lastly, dessert......Rich chocolate pots.
you can make these in advance, put them in little jam jars, put the lids on, then tie a spoon to the side of each jar with bakers twine and put them in the fridge in a wooden crate
When ready to serve, you simply hand them out and voila! instant dessert. (my kind of meal)

This was from last months Real Living magazine.

Better get that list going I think...and time for another coffee. Enjoy the day everybody!

Bec- Vintage Girl

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