Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas at the studio aftermath

Well, helloooo everyone.

Simone and I have been laying low since the market (with pure exhaustion). I think we both wanted to post some pics and tell you all about it, but have just been too tired.

It was great to see so many of you down there and to have such great support. Friday was a corker of a day and we were both on a high by the end. We were so lucky the rain held off and we even got a little sunburnt, it was such a gorgeous day.

Saturday started out well, with a little bit of light drizzle and friends in the city had warned of impending storms, so we pinned linen around the tent for protection and it was lovely and cosy in there....

our little counter below....
until about midday....and all of a sudden the drizzle turned to rain and then storm and it teamed down. We stuck it out for a good hour and then all the linen, which by this stage was saturated with water unclipped, one clip at a time and unravelled all the way around, the rain flowed steadily down the hill to the bottom and rested at our feet in massive puddles, and our (up until then) trusty marquee began to leak. We called it a day.

We still haven't managed to tackle Simone's  garage where the remaining stock from the market is strewn from one end to the other.....a job for next week perhaps.

All in all, and as always, it is a lovely market and open day and we are so happy to be included, but happy it is over for another year....

Vintage Girls

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Squiggly Rainbow said...

What a gorgeous set up! Glad you had fun and the rain wasn't has thunderous as last year! xo