Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Brimfield Day 1

Despite our early preview yesterday, the Brimfield fair officially kicked off today.

The day actually feels like it has been 2 days long and that may have something to do with the nap we had at lunchtime (hey it was a long morning)

Kicking off at 5am, it still wasnt early enough to beat the Tommy Hilfiger V.M's to some of the best large pieces. Every pigeon hole, and industrial style unit seemed to have their tag hanging off, and many industrial lamps also had been snapped up by them.

They do say a picture tells a thousand words, so I will show you the pics I took today....they will tell it better than I could.

We thought this was quite funny......

Now I am certainly not complaining about being here....we have waited a long time for this, but I have to say, seeing things in such huge quantities, endless lines of everything was a little overwhelming, and all seemed a little too easy. I found myself walking past all this to seek out the hidden treasures buried deeper in the stall, behind the counters, under the tables etc and the thing that made my heart sing more than anything else today were these spools of rope. Of course they are instantly appealing to the eye, but their origins sold me on them....circa late 1800's, these were from the Boston flower market and were used to tie bunches of flowers. They have stood the test of time and are truly beautiful, how could I not take them home with me?
Don't be fooled by the picture either- these stand about 25cm tall and are 16cm wide. They are big!
My second favourite purchase below....need I say more?

Tomorrow will not be as hectic. We got all our big pieces today, and so, tomorrow we will relax and buy lots of smalls, I will shop all day, Simone and "baby to be"  will shop in the morning and pack and blog in the afternoon so stay tuned for more fab pics and updates later today....(your time)

Signing off
Vintage Girl (Bec) xx

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