Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Hello all,

Well, after 24 hours in transit, we arrived in Boston at 8.20pm at night. Despite plans to get on U.S time as soon as we boarded the plane in Sydney and with good intentions of being asleep within 2 hours of taking flight , it just did not happen. Many movies were viewed, much food was consumed (planes have self serve snack bars up the back now- I was in heavan....
All up across the 3 flights, we both slept about an hour.

After arriving at our hotel in Boston and taking much needed showers, we did the only thing you can do when arriving in the United States for the first time.......we ordered a cheese pizza - (it was divine) and with full little bellies, we hit the hay.

Offical day 1:-

Big task today. Getting to U-haul to collect our van and getting onto the Mass Turnpike without killing ourselves. This didn't exactly get off to a good start. The google map instructions I printed turned out to be for the wrong U-haul location and no gps's to be rented either. We had to get from the the equivalent of, say richmond, onto the Tullamarine freeway by ourselves, and in a strange city, steering on the wrong side, cars on the wrong side...EVERYTHING ON THE WRONG SIDE....oh yes...we felt a tad flustered.

Big breaths, no tears, way to soon for that....I offered to drive first (Simone looked happy about that). She acted as a second pair of eyes, constantly reminding me to stay on the right side of the road. As long as we didnt crash, we would get there eventually....even if it took all day.

As it turned out, it took us just 90 minutes to get the 80 miles down the turnpike. 2 wrong turns and 1 wrong lane on the tollbooth (fine in the  mail no doubt) we got there in one piece.

The little towns are beautiful and tomorrow I will take lots of pictures to show you. Lovely green trees everywhere, classic American 2 storey weatherboard cottages with the flags proudly displayed out the front, - picturesque scenes everywhere you look.

Check in, lunch, Walmart, Supermarket......starting to fade.....but oooohhhh Antique stores everywhere. Despite our fatigue we go in just to look around, get an idea of prices and the adrenalin starts to pump. Simone says she overheard some people talking about Brimfield. "Yes- it starts tomorrow but there are always people down there that will sell the day before" and with that Simone says "lets go".

We arrive back at the hotel at 8.30pm and we have managed to squeeze 5 hours of shopping into a day that was not supposed to have any- we are happy and loaded up with goodies.

I wont show you everything, but here is a small handful of that we bought today...

We were also so busy shopping we forgot to take photos of the fair, but it was really only about 1/10th set up, so tomorrow and the following days, we will take plenty of pics for you. Simone took these though, so many Eames chairs, wish we could bring these back.

Simone has been fast asleep for about 3 hours now and it is going to be an early start, so I will hit the sack and try and be fresh for a huge day tomorrow.

Until then
Vintage Girl - Bec xx


Sally said...

Oh lovely to hear from you and well done with the navigation. You are brave girls. Have fun.
Love Sal (Mum)

Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

Nice to hear that you girls made it safely and woo, that U-Haul & driving on the wrong side with no gps sounds like a crazy adventure!! But oh so fun! Enjoy yourselves, eat all the food and can't wait to see what else you girls get!!!! Take care xo

Squiggly Rainbow said...

How much fun you must be having!!!!! Enjoy every minute! xx

Kellie said...

Sounds like you are having a great time, looking forward to seeing more pictures! Look after you 2 and especially b3:)