Monday, 14 May 2012

Visual Heavan...

Sunday in New York and it was nowhere near as hectic as yesterday. I don't know if that is because it is Sunday or because it is Mother's Day (happy Mothers day everyone), but it was nice to have a wander in a more relaxed environment.

Some of the stores here are amazing. So cheap and the summer clothes in store are all bright, lots of pattern- floral, paisley, stripes, eyecat, chevron , it's all there in every colour.

The 2 stores I am going to show you were my favourite though and one is The Lego store. I am featuring this because visually it was outstanding and because my beatiful boy William, who is folllowing the blog from home will be very interested in seeing this. (Hi Wilbur- miss you xx)

The amazing wall of lego.

this dragon went all the way around the store with its tail popping in and out of parts of the walls....

The lego model of Rockafella plaza.

Onto the next store and possibly the loveliest store I have ever entered....Anthropologie.

store windows all in nautical theme.

beautiful and sweet aprons in every imaginable cutre for over a dress.

dishcloths you wouldn't dare wipe a dish with....too lovely
colourblocked homewares

Door knobs and hooks galore.

paper buntings and ribbons...

Hopefully we can do one more blog before we leave tomorrow but just not sure yet. Not sure what our plans tomorrow are other than getting a flight out of here tommorow evening.

I admit, I have had enough. I need some vegetables...not easy to find take out here with veggies involved and if I have to look at another hotdog/burger/cazone/fatty cheesy concoction I may never eat again.
In fact I think I may have lost some weight here with all the walking we have done and not being able to find anything I want to eat, mostly I have gone hungry instead. I found some blueberries today and was so excited.

Time for bed- goodnight blog friends.
Bec (and Simone) xx


Sally said...

Hi Girls

Already looking up the addresses for those shops and glad you had a good day. Chill out and safe trip trip home.

Squiggly Rainbow said...

Vegies and fresh fruit were definitely something I missed so much when I lived in North America! Love those stores! xx