Sunday, 13 May 2012

Friday- D Day

The "D" was supposed to stand for deadline....what it ended up standing for was distaster.

The day started at 5am with packing- we had to be out of the hotel  by noon and we only just made it. I don't think we could have fit another thing into that van. So we farewelled Sturbridge Hotel (and pretty sure they were glad to see the back of us and our trolley loads coming and going thru the foyer).

We hit the road headed back to Boston and that's where it all started to unravel. It was a comedy of errors really. A mix of exhaustion, emotion, and just plain supidity on our part.

I won't go into detail, although you would probably find it all funny, it is still too raw for us-  &**#$# it was a hard day, and one we would truly rather forget. We did (eventually) get our stock dropped off, U-haul handed back and got ourselves onto a train.

The day ended for us at 4am Saturday morning when we finally arrived in New York.....we checked in and collapsed.

We slept until lunch time today and went our seperate ways this afternoon to roam the city and do a little shopping. I have never been to New York and it is truly overwhelming. Although we would love to be hitting the town tonight we are both still very tired and pizza and an inhouse movie are on the cards.

Some of my pics from this afternoon.....

Times Square

Beautiful old wooden escalator in Macys

Ok, we are up to date now. Tomorrow we are going to take a tour, and go and check out some store designs and displays. Nigh night.

Bec and Simone. xx


Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Glad to hear you made it to 'the big apple' in one piece....Rest up & enjoy the sights....The stress you've experienced will be well worth it when your Treasures arrive....!!

Cheers from home,
Tamarah :o)

Sally baldry said...

New York.... New York.... Wow. Enjoy the sites and sounds and by the look of that picture, the light too

Retrobabes Vintage said...

Glad you made it in one piece. Enjoy the rest of your time.