Thursday, 10 May 2012


Hi everyone! Another day done at Brimfield and it is hard to get across in words and photos how huge this fair really is.. After a 5 am start I still think that there was so much that we didn't see today and we have stopped trying to cover every single field at this stage.

Today we both enjoyed a very relaxing stroll around with much less urgency to find everything in a hurry. Once again the Tommy Hilfiger V.M crew had the jump on everybody- and for the girls I wish I had taken a photo not of their purchases but of the actual crew, so dapper , cute, sexy clean cut ,well dressed they easily stand out amongst the crowd..( must be part of the job description) not only the Tommy guys on the whole I have observed a huge amount of the coolest looking people I have ever come across, effortlessly cool in fact. and amongst the ladies , the dress code is hunter wellies, skinny jeans , looking like you just stepped out of a Ralph Lauren catalogue..(Bec and I fit right in !!!NOT)

Anyway enough about fashion, I am going to leave with some photos from today - which I must admit are pretty bad but hopefully you might get the idea..

these drawers are amazing and $700 - snapped before we go to this stall

love the sign on this one..

a Californian designer who is very partial to masons jars- me too

the food court was rocking, on offer- mac'n' cheese, clam chowder, hod dogs,lobster & so much more..

Time to get bubble wrapping, I am going to try and pop back later with a sneak peak of some of today's finds..Bye for now, Simone xx


Jacinta @ modelmumma said...

Ohh get a photo taken with some T.H. guys!!! teeheehee.

Sally said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date, it is all very interesting.

meg said...

you must be beside your selves, i think id vomit with excitement and dont be shy, take some pics of the tommy boys....

Septembre said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure so far, wow for the cabinets !!!!