Friday, 25 May 2012

Random trip pictures

Good evening friends,

Before I start, I want to share a couple more pics of our trip I have come across- they are just too good not to share. I took Simone back to Anthropologie on our last day and we bought a few things each. And I took some more photos, because there were just so many beautiful displays to make your heart sing.... here are some of them and some other pics from our trip......

Back at Anthropologie

Best cupcake I have ever eaten. or should I say...cupcakes-there was more than one involved here.

Simone- with our Magnolia Bakery "stash"

Well, we have been back from our adventure for just over a week now, and tonight is the first night I haven't bombed out at 8.30pm. Seriously, I must be getting old, taking a week to recover from a trip.

It was so nice to get home. My baby boy Samuel lept into my arms when I picked him up from school last Wednesday- such an indescribable feeling to know that someone loves you THAT much!

All my boys missed me in their own way. William was cool and calm about the reunion, but didn't stray far from my side for the rest of the day, and curled up on the couch with me when I bombed out that first night.

My lovely lover boy left no signs of me being missed...the house was spotless, not a dish out of place....or so I thought. It wasn't until I had been home a couple of hours that I noticed the flowers were fresh and there was a card propped against them.... "Welcome home- I have really missed you my friend. Looking forward to seeing you tonight...all my love xx" .

Yes- these are the kinds of things that make you realise that sometimes you need to go away so everyone can remember to appreciate each other a little more.
And I too, missed each and everyone of them....there really is nothing more important in the world than family.

I didn't stray far from home for a few days, thriving on the simple a lovely meal- I really missed cooking. Playing with the kids, catching up on my magazines, papers etc....but as you know, I am a restless person, so by Monday I was back into it, and by Thursday,  Simone was dragging me away from my tidying at The Shed to take me to a factory where we had been invited to have a first look before a garge sale this weekend. Well worth the trip down the freeway I think.....

Anyway, the stall is tidy and neat was in a bit of a state of neglect, but now it's all good again. We picked up a few mannequins from this factory also which are already at the shed, and these lights will all be in by open on Thursday, along with the  assorted metal vegetable storers pictured below....

I will end with a couple of shout outs tonight- something we do not often do, but are going to do more of because we love The Vintage Shed and we love our loyal fellow stall holders and we are going to do our utmost to help each other promote our little businesses....

If you are not already familiar with Squiggly Rainbow..go ahead and take a browse thru the link below. Rachel is stall C5 at The Vintage Shed. She makes beautiful whimsical childrens clothes, lovely terrariums and a bevvy of other clever crafty items. She is a busy bee and always has something new on offer.

Check her out here

or here

We also want to give a shout out to Jo and Julie who are Retrobabes stall C11 at The Vintage Shed.
Retrobabes cover everything from gorgeous vintage clothing to shabby chic furniture to records/lp's and more....a store well worth a visit next time you are down.

You can follow retrobabes here
or here

Ok, now I AM about to bomb so good night all. Have a fabulous weekend.



Squiggly Rainbow said...

thank you lovelies xxx amazing stuff! Anthro looks amazing! And I might just have to buy one of those vegie storers for my new abode! xxx

Squiggly Rainbow said...

can you please pop a white one on hold for me? xx

Retrobabes Vintage said...

Thanks Bec, looks like you had a great time. I can't wait to see your finds.



Yes Rachel, Will pop the best one aside for you. Bec x